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Modern Martyrs: The History Behind ISIS (Parts 1 and 2 of 5)

Part 1: Fishers of Men

The “Jesus Fish,” more properly known as “Ichthys,” is very popular in the world of American bumper stickers and car decals. 448 more words


Citizen Jane Story

Last Thursday or Friday Sabrina and I went and covered Camp Citizen Jane at Stephens College. I thought the entire process went pretty well, especially since there were two of us: the girls were willing to talk to us, I thought we got good details about the camp itself, the director gave us good quotes. 143 more words

F*** You lady

I sat for a while thinking about this. I stared at my screen for a while. I googled “Why Are Americans So Polarized.” I looked up statistics. 678 more words

Reporting on a Fire

Yesterday I had the GA shift, and I had to go cover a fire. A woman was in her Jeep with her infant when it caught on fire. 225 more words

Crime briefs

I wrote two crime briefs for the first time yesterday. The police department was pretty willing to work with me, though, so that was extremely helpful in fleshing out the news releases. 242 more words