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Does Antarctic sea ice growth negate climate change? Scientists say no

In the blue half-light of the Antarctic autumn, a thin film spreads across the continent’s coastal waters. It’s an embryonic form of sea ice: a mush of microscopic crystals that floats on the dense, salty water of the Southern Ocean. 55 more words

Climate Change

Impact of Twitter on India: My Observations

I am one of the early adopters of social media and enthusiastically observe most of the development taking place in this space. Twitter is one such space, which has undergone tremendous change as far use and tool of change is concerned. 490 more words

Hello, world!

I sat stiffly, coffee cupped tightly in both hands. (That’s today’s lead. Too cliche?)

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll post reflections on my experience as a reporter at the Columbia Missourian and as a student in the 7450 and 7802 classes. 270 more words

News Reporting

Because Ferguson

The “Because X” meme from social media becomes news

“12 Things White People Can Do Now Because Ferguson” makes use of the “Because X” meme in a way that is effective, for the same reason we should notice when it’s being used. 1,146 more words


This 27 year old woman could not be forcibly married off or silenced or shamed.

I see this news as a positive story.

The young woman had a job. She valued her self reliance and was in a position to refuse to give up a job that her brother (and I am sure many others) did not consider ‘suitable’ for her. 574 more words

Indian Homemaker

Hold On. Where are the Facts Ma'am?

How can we trust media when they get the facts wrong and don’t use subject matter experts?

Dragnet’s Jack Webb said it best, ‘All We Want Are The Facts.’ A simple question based on extracting the truth while at the same time building trust. 730 more words


"Twin Cities farmers wants city officials to do more for urban farms"

Hello all!

Sorry to keep you waiting for my next blog post. It’s been the sort of busy and productive week I can usually only dream of. 70 more words

Food Justice