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23 January 2015 News Briefs (UPDATED)

Turkey ready to support Africa on all platforms



Speaking at the Turkey-Ethiopia Business Forum, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that Turkey is trying to build not only commercial and economic ties with Africa, but also, as a country aware of Africa’s problems and its potential, wants to support African countries “in all platforms.” He underlined that they want to improve relations with Ethiopia in order to compensate for the 10-year gap in relations, when the government’s latest Africa initiative program was implemented. 2,678 more words


19 January 2015 Business News Briefs (UPDATED)

Ethiopian diaspora, back home to boost economy

A crane stands at a construction site in a neighbourhood undergoing a facelift in Addis Ababa on June 19, 2013. 6,440 more words

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News Round-Up

It’s another lazy Monday morning, and what better way is there to wake up your brain and look like you’re working than by reading sciencey words on a screen. 247 more words


18 January 2015 News Round-Up

China’s Poly Technologies to produce potash in Ethiopia

The Chinese Poly Technologies, already engaged in natural gas and petroleum exploration projects in Ethiopia, announced its desire to produce potash in the country. 5,699 more words

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MsLods' news round-up: law + technology


‘Dallas Buyers Club’ producer Nicolas Chartier on his anti-piracy crusade & why union workers need less pay. | The Hollywood Reporter |  http://bit.ly/1yvg4KY 

Is the MPAA even pro-Hollywood any more? 423 more words