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My Fucked Up Relationship with MSN

In my “real” life, I have an Outlook email account, so every time I log out of it, there’s MSN’s homepage staring me in the face with its crazy, googly, bugged out eyes. 460 more words


“In the Lecture Halls of the University, Spreading of Western Values is Banned”

That, is how the “commies” do it still, feel free to take an offense, see if I care!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The Head of the Department of Education in China, Yuan pointed out two days ago, that in the college classrooms, there would be a ban on the spread of western thoughts and values, and that there would be no allowing blasphemy of the leaders of the Communist Party, and those speeches that spoke up against the functioning of society; that teachers are NEVER to rant, or to verbalize their angers toward the world. 384 more words

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You’d Asked Out My Girl…the Young Model’s Boyfriend Threatened to Hurt the Man

Losers, “MARKING” their “territories” here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A twenty-eight year old fan, Wu awhile ago, asked a small-time model out to dinner, and this behavior had angered her boyfriend, Lu, and he’d stated online, that he was looking for a “hit man”, that if the person managed to beat the man who asked his girlfriend out will get $3,000N.T. 374 more words


Twenty-Nine Being Too Old Already~~a Call Girl Was Arrested, and Picked on

Yeah, uh-hum!!!  From the Newspapers, translated…

A twenty-nine year old call girl was found and arrested yesterday, she’d sighed on how she originally worked at a bar, but because the mayor of the city of Taipei started sweeping the occupations, and the business at the bar failed, and plus, she couldn’t win out with the younger girls, that, was why she’d started working at a call station, and the johns called her “old”, and she was arrested by the police, and had to pay a fine, she’d had her run of bad luck. 388 more words

Cost Of Living

Adopt a Pet in Studio

Recently on the Morning Edition, we have revamped our weekly “Adopt a Pet” segment by having local humane societies and animal rescues bring in the pets in studio to be live in the Morning Show instead of just showing a picture. 169 more words

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Q and A: Why does mainstream media focus on marijuana & not more harmful drugs?

Please let me know your opinions! Researching for potential news story report.

Q: Why is marijuana shunned in mainstream media news outlets, and yet hard drugs such as methamphetamine, are left out of the news and get featured in shows such as intervention? 11 more words