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‘It stops today!’ — Eric Garner, NYPD victim

‘It stops today!’ — Eric Garner, NYPD victim

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“Every time you see me you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. 903 more words

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Fashion and Oppression from an Anti-capitalist perspective

What does Karl Marx have to do with Karl Lagerfeld

originally published in Socialist Action News and found at SocialistAction.org


Tansey E. Hoskins clearly loves art, understands the impulse to body modification and sartorial statement, and can imagine a socialist society where the creativity of the vast majority will be unleashed to spectacular ends in clothing and many other spheres.  1,262 more words

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Hartford Rally and March Against Israeli War Crimes 7/31

Justice for Palestine, Free Gaza

Rally and March in Hartford! Thursday July 31

“No More Money for Israeli War Crimes”, Rally and Speakers, then a March in Hartford… 27 more words

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Stop the Israeli invasion of Gaza!


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 End U.S. aid to apartheid Israel! Stop the Zionist bombing of Gaza!

The U.S.-backed racist, colonialist, apartheid Zionist entity known as Israel is once again saturation bombing the Palestinian people and destroying the infrastructure of the world’s largest open air prison—the Gaza Strip—a slip of land roughly 26 miles long by 5.5 miles wide. 4,047 more words

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