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Robots, rental popstars and Spotify domination: is this the future of music?

Emmy the holo and Emmy The Great. Photograph: Alex Lake

Music’s next frontier is uncertain but if anyone can predict what will happen next it’s future-thinking musician Emmy The Great, who has already acquired her own hologram… 540 more words


Hospital ‘death test’ will eventually decide if you will be treated or left to die

Health experts say new test will ‘save the hospital money’

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Apparently the medical industry will soon be in the business to not treat people needing medical attention, rather letting them die, a move that will surely save hospitals valuable time and money. 310 more words


Mile Sly Club: Clinton, Dershowitz and The Prince on Billionaire’s Pedophile Sex Jet

By 21wire

As 21WIRE reported back in August 2014, Bill Clinton was on those private jet journeys with disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. But what’s even more shocking is what we discovered later… 602 more words


The Truth About The Mind-Controlling Parasite You Can Get From Your Cat

by Chelsea Harvey

In the ongoing battle between cat-lovers and dog-lovers, dog people have a hefty weapon in their arsenal: a bizarre, mind-controlling parasite you can catch by cleaning your cat’s litterbox. 454 more words


Doomsday Clock reads 11.57: Atomic scientists move minute hand two minutes forward - and say we are at closest point to disaster in decades

 In an announcement today the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) has moved the minute hand of the symbolic Doomsday Clock forward by two minutes. It is now at three minutes to midnight, the closest it has been since 1984. 451 more words


Edward Snowden shuns iPhones due to secret software that can be remotely activated to spy on people, says lawyer

The iPhone has secret spyware that lets governments watch users without their knowledge, according to Edward Snowden’s lawyer.

The NSA whistleblower doesn’t use a phone because of the secret software, which his lawyer says can be remotely activated to watch the user. 87 more words


London Endangered by 'Sharia Patrols' Harassing Citizens, Tourists

© AP Photo/ Lefteris Pitarakis

Britain First Party Launches ‘Christian Patrols’ to Oppose ‘Muslim Gangs’

Paul Golding, the leader of UK far-right political party, says East London is threatened by so-called ‘Sharia patrols’, groups of people who violate the rights of local citizens and tourists, by telling women to cover up, confiscating people’s alcohol and abusing homosexuals. 267 more words