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NewsBusted - 14-353 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

Time Magazine has chosen the Ebola Virus fighters as the person of the year.

– China has surpassed the U.S. to become the World’s biggest economy. 84 more words

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NewsBusted 14-350 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– House Speaker John Boehner celebrated the passage of The CRomnibus Bill, praising the Legislation as bipartisan.

– Last week, Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber told the House Oversight Committee that he is not the architect of Obamacare. 98 more words

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Hillary All Juiced Up

“According to the National Enquirer, Hillary Clinton needs help for an alcohol problem,” says Jodi Miller. “Aides say that when they tried to tell Hillary she’s drinking to much, she yelled, ‘What difference at this point does it make.'” Miller takes a satirical look at Afghanistan, Brian Williams, the Kardashian sisters, Michelle Obama and a Chicago strip club in this hilarious edition of NewsBusted.


NewsBusted - 14-346 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– A UN Report says that 8,000 civilians have been killed or wounded in Afghanistan this year.

– Brian Williams is celebrating his tenth anniversary as Anchor at NBC Nightly News. 116 more words

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Native Americans Steamed

Jodi Miller reports, “At the White House President Obama met with leaders of American Indian tribes. “But Native Americans are very upset. This country used to belong to them, now it belongs to China.” In this edition of NewsBusted, Miller also features Candy Crowley, Cher, Social Security, Eric Garner, Ferguson, Missouri, and McDonald’s McRib.

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NewsBusted - 14-343 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– A new report shows that Social Security will be broke by 2024, which is 34 years earlier than previously projected. 134 more words

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As Gas Prices Tumble, Ed Rendell Calls For Tax Hikes On CNBC

By Julia A Seymour ~

The dramatic fall of gas and oil prices meant relief for holiday travelers and more money in the pockets of shoppers. 272 more words

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