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NewsBusted - 15-027 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– Recent polls have shown that President Obama has received a small bump in his ratings.

– Among active duty military service members, only 15% approve of President Obama. 102 more words

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Alisyn Camerota: Conservative or liberal?

Answer: Who really cares?

Permit me to set the stage:

Alisyn Camerota joins CNN, and some CNN viewers criticized them for hiring a “conservative” from “Faux” News. 352 more words


Daily Kos: Mia Love’s ‘Job Is to Be Trotted Out and Displayed’ As Proof the GOP Isn’t Racist

This is from NewsBusters.

After reading stories like this from these leftist blogs and so on I know liberalism is a serious mental defect.

Mia Love is, of course, a new member of Congress, but… 478 more words

NewsBusted 1.20.15

Jodi Miller Presents The Lighter Side Of The News

Published on Jan 19, 2015

– President Obama
– Paris Unity March
– John Kerry…

65 more words

NewsBusted - 15-020 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– President Obama is still defending his absence from the recent Paris Unity March.

– To mend fences with France, Secretary of State John Kerry brought along James Taylor with him to sing… 108 more words

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NBC News Terrorism Expert: ‘We Have to Put Ourselves in the Eyes’ of Terrorists to ‘Understand’ Them

NewsBusters, By Curtis Houck, January 15, 2015:

On Wednesday’s edition of The Cycle on MSNBC, NBC News terrorism expert Evan Kohlmann was at it again, telling the hosts that we, as Americans, must “put ourselves in the eyes” of Islamic terrorists considering “there wouldn’t be violent attacks but there would be an uproar” and “anger” among Christians if Muslims burned crosses or trampled “Christian artifacts.” After giving his thoughts on freedom of speech and the broader freedom of expression, Kohlmann launched into explaining how we must come to understand those who commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam: “We have to put ourselves in the eyes of our adversaries sometimes and we have to understand that reacting violently, burning Korans, getting very worked up about this, it doesn’t necessarily help our agenda.” 126 more words

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NewsBusted - 15-013 - Video

Topics in today’s show:

– President Obama has declared that the war in Afghanistan is over.

– President Obama is still under fire for reaching out to Cuba’s President Raúl Castro. 81 more words

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