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Big Tex's New Look: Fashion Police Approve New Duds

So the folks at the State Fair of Texas unveiled Big Tex’s new duds.

This year’s attire includes a dark blue shirt with red accents. We wanted to know what the experts thought about the new wardrobe. 144 more words


Fighting God: School Plaque Referencing God Removed

MIDLOTHIAN, TX — Mountain Peak Elementary School is in the spotlight for a dedication plaque on campus.

It featured two crosses with the script, “Dedicated in the year of our Lord 1997 to the education of God’s children and their faithful teachers in the name of the Holy Christian Church. 205 more words


Undercover Colors: Nail Polish Detects Date Rape Drug

RALEIGH, NC — What if your mani could combat crime? Yeah, caught our attention too!

Well, four college guys from North Carolina State University are polishing up their idea to end date rape with nail polish. 143 more words


Pot Over Pills: Medical Marijuana Cuts Painkiller Overdoses?

Patients who have the option of using marijuana for chronic pain instead of narcotics are less likely to become addicted and overdose.


Running on Empty: Malaysia Airlines Losing Millions Daily

Malaysia Airlines is reportedly losing more than $2 million dollars a day. An overhaul is apparently in the works, but in the meantime they’re so deeply in the red, things are looking dark.


Don't Slap Ya Mama: NFL Bans 'Slap Ya Mama' Ads

NEW ORLEANS — In the south, we know that sometimes things taste so good, they make you want to slap ya mama.

But slapping ya mama is a no-no to the National Football League folks known as the No Funny Language police. 163 more words


Kneed My Space: Flight Fight Over Legroom Diverts Plane

Recline rage!  A United jet was diverted during a fight over one passenger’s use of a device to prevent the seat in front of him from reclining.