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Doncaster Amalgamation

Earlier this month H.L. Brown Doncaster and Bell Brothers combined into a single shop at the entrance to the Frenchgate Centre. Joint managers Julie Wright and Ian Taylor look forward to welcoming you to our fabulous new store.


I can be Beamed Right to You!

With so much social media, it’s tough to keep up. I’m on FB (profile, pages, and a group), Twitter, Instagram… 122 more words


Wendy Compares Tiny’s Eye Color Change to ‘Skin Bleaching’ (Watch)

Tiny Harris may love the results of her recent eye color change, but Wendy Williams is not with it.

The daytime TV talk show host gave her opinion of the new color on Monday, saying the act itself is as bad as “people who bleach their skin.” Despite her love for Harris as a fan, Williams emphasized that she had to “call it like I mean it here.” 144 more words

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iPad Upgrades

October brought us a pair of new iPads from Apple: the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 — just in time for the Christmas shopping season. 449 more words


The Modern Backup Routine

Backups are undoubtedly one of the most annoying parts of the IT process, not only for the IT consultant trying to monitor the success of the backups but also for the small business employee charged with making sure they swap the tape or portable drive out each night and take it with them to keep it safe in case disaster befalls the office before the next backup runs. 597 more words


POS Malware On The Rise

It seems almost daily there is a story in the news about another retail chain whose credit card system has been hacked. Over the last few months the number of computers running Point-of-Sale systems (POS) that have been infected with a class of Malware designed to target these systems has grown over 50%. 435 more words


Apple ID’s For Kids Under 13

As it turns out, I got the new iPhone 6 and my wife got my iPhone 5s that was less than 6 months old. My oldest son has been absolutely pestering us for an iPod Touch, or an iPad, or an iPhone of his own. 485 more words