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Sanctions against Iran persists, Britain will not encourage Iran trade

In the conference which was held on 15th – 16th October, 2014 is noted as one of the largest gathering of Iranian commercial officials which takes place in London. 317 more words


Jobs may be the key to resolve GCC oil dependency issue

Oil rates have dropped to $80 per barrel from around $100, which now raises the question whether these economies will be able to withstand the tests of time. 483 more words


Petrochemical industry to facilitate storing solar energy

A new study has shown how electrolysis (the process of passing via water to separate hydrogen from oxygen in H2O) electricity could generate hydrogen to store renewable energy. 641 more words


Statistics on aboriginal men as murder victims

On to the next set of unspeakable statistics: The homicide numbers for aboriginal men in Canada. They are staggering, but are surprising to no one. What is surprising, to me, is that they are not surprising, and yet no one really talks about it: The victimization of men by men. 818 more words

Cultural Meaning

Is Mineral Oil really safe for you?

Mineral oil, a by-product of petroleum and an odorless, colorless substance, has become a much used ingredient of engine oils, wood preservative, facial creams, pesticides, hair care products, cosmetics and baby oil. 431 more words


The Incarceration and Sentencing of Aboriginal Men (Speaking the Unspeakable Vol. 1)

I’ve wanted to talk for a long time about issues that Cree men, in particular face, but honestly it is a topic that nobody at the university wants to hear about. 1,498 more words


"Tell us what YOU think in the comments!"

Ugh. I am trying very hard not to rely on impulse so often. I want to be able to formulate what I think, and say it in a way that is well-mannered and cognizant of other’s thoughts. 432 more words