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Newest Misleading Cancer Study

BBC Article – Most cancers ‘bad luck’, says US research 

You can always rely on researchers to come up with dubious studies, and this latest one is no except. 225 more words

Tweaker Bonnie and Cracked-Out Clyde

I got sent this story this morning by one of my besties, Katrina, while I was at work and I just HAD to share it. It’s too ridiculous not to: 226 more words


Linguistic Correlates of Fundamentalism: Context and Meaning

I’ve been through, I would say, four kinds of fundamentalism now in my life.

First was the religious fundamentalism of my childhood, which was filled with Baptists, Evangelicals, Dominionists, John Birchers, Non Novus Ordo Catholics, and the homeschooled of northern Wisconsin. 3,820 more words


The Logic of Witch Trials - Alive and Well

In 1692, a group of men who served as jurors for the notorious witchcraft trials in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts signed a letter of contrition. It read, 295 more words


"Schizophrenia" and My Great Grandmother

This is my Great Grandmother. Her name was Cora Moorehead.

She was born October 14, 1896 in Hanover, Illinois – a tiny town southwest of Galena, which is in the part of Illinois none of you have ever been to and would not recognize as Illinois if you saw a picture of it. 945 more words


Twitter and Assertionism

For a long time, I worked on a particular strain of semantics and pragmatics – not a popular one by any stretch. I was interested in the ways language is used to represent points of view. 1,549 more words

Cultural Meaning

Phillip Berlandi, a German who died at Gettysburg

Here’s the story of someone that history forgot – a man born in the Palatinate and died at Gettysburg. He left no children, no wife, and his last months on earth were filled with the experience of being useful cannon fodder for a foreign government. 2,342 more words