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Response to Today's News

So I got into work this morning and read something pretty upsetting that happened in LA this past week that I felt the need to talk about. 523 more words


Chemical research & innovations – the key resources for industry

Chemical research & innovation are the two important factors which are widely used in various ways right from the birth to death. Most of the policy-makers and researchers believe that basic research is very essential for society as well as for innovation and economic growth. 427 more words


U.S. divulges plan to deal with emissions of methane

Methane which is the second and one of the largest parts of prevailing greenhouse gas radiated in the U.S. from human activities. On 28th March, 2014 U.S. 659 more words


Kickass New Job

Hey Hey all! So I know I have been a very bad blogger lately and have not posted anything new in about a week and a half, but I have been adjusting to some life changes and needed the time off to do so! 1,214 more words


LanzaTech to turn pollution into valuable fuels and chemicals

Immersed air pollution in the industrial countries from the chemical industries has nearly killed 7 million people in 2012. Countries like China and India continue to grow with a number of escalating waft stacks of smokes marked the landscape of these countries. 548 more words


Capturing a Dream at Any Age - Learning to Read

By Milon Townsend June 3, 2010 5:54 p.m.

In the back of a crowded room, James Carter rigorously studies the sentence, slowly reading one word at a time, “Dan-n-n picks up the box and puts the s-s-snake in the r-r-river.” 505 more words


Thrift Store Has Second Annual Thanksgiving Lunch

By Jerriann Sullivan | November 23, 2010

The Vine’s Thanksgiving lunch was held Wednesday afternoon.

Cindy Cook Shadron, executive director of the Vine thrift store in Oviedo, said she felt compelled to host the event, which was held for the second time since the organization opened its doors in 2007. 409 more words