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A prestidigitator could not do better with your soiled shirts!

What is a prestidigitator you ask?  An illusionist or magician!  When is that last time you can think of someone using the word prestidigitator in normal conversation?  747 more words


Mapped: Front pages inspired by the Tour de France in England

THE Tour De France’s Grand Depart was big news last week – showing off parts of the UK at their very best to a global audience of millions. 81 more words


I Found It In the Archives Finalist: Deborah M. Tracy

Genealogy Rule #1: The best ‘finds’ are the ones you were not looking for.

When I located the birth certificate at Ohio History Connection for Charles Haddock, my maternal great-grandfather, I discovered that his father’s name was Jasper Haddock, an ancestor previously unknown to my family. 364 more words


I Found It In the Archives Finalist: Kory de Oliveira

My paternal grandma loved to share detailed stories of her childhood in Nelsonville, Ohio, and her paternal grandmother, Jane Hemsley Bateman. She described how she could escape the struggles of life during the Depression and a house full of siblings when she crossed the street to her Grandma Bateman’s house. 517 more words


The Boulevard Treescape

Take a walk down The Boulevard and you will be surround by a guard of honour, a mighty show of greenery reaching ever upwards to touch the clouds. 900 more words

Cambridge History

British Library's Newsroom

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Newsroom has been opened recently at the British Library in central London.    By going there researchers are able to search and view a vast number of news sources, including newspapers and television and radio broadcasts.     65 more words

Research News

If he looks like Luis Suarez and bites like Luis Suarez ... a CCTV still destined to go viral

Luis Suarez ‘copycat’ incidents have been all over the national press today, perhaps blowing the ‘footballers aren’t paid to be role models’ argument out of the water once and for all. 218 more words