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My first article published into a famous Italian newspaper in Australia (La Fiamma)

Here is the translation:

Simone Trentino talks about his experience doing a Master at the University of Queensland

Study in Australia: a difficult step towards growing professionally and personally… 610 more words


From SUNY Fredonia to the doorsteps of 1965

As I read the front page of The Leader from April 30, 1965, I noticed a paid postage mark at the bottom of the right hand corner, alongside a return address for the Fredonia alumni association. 214 more words

One feature of The Leader in 1965 was “a Review of the News,” consisting of a brief overview of national and international news. The April 30, 1965 review consisted of an overview of the state of the Vietnam War as well as the slaying of an woman from Alabama. 131 more words

Newspaper Journalism

The article on newspaper journalism was pretty inspiring, I do agree with Kinsley, that the newspaper will live on. Even though most people don’t read it and hundreds of newspapers have gone out of business I doubt that they will forever end. 56 more words

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My Ashes of Dead Lovers Garage Sale, Vol I and II

Several years ago, I picked up one of those weekly newspapers that we generally run our cars over without a second thought. Well, being the reader that I am, I was reading it one day when the thought occurred to me: “This newspaper could use a humor column.” So I called the publisher and pitched my idea, then dropped the first column off at her office — remember, these were the Pre-Computer days. 1,063 more words

Newspaper Boy: Broken Vase & Naked Woman

 Newspaper boy Gene Luptak

Being a newspaper boy at age 11 through 14 was very rewarding, not at least walking by an opened bedroom window at 5:30 in the morning with newspaper in hand and seeing a sleeping naked woman lying on her bed.  928 more words