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N is for Newspapers

Newspapers are not only great for finding obituaries, but sometimes you can find items of interest that will flesh out the lives of your ancestors. I only have paid subscriptions to a couple genealogy services, and… 536 more words


Traditional Print vs Online Media: Why seasoned Print-Vets should consider transitioning.

Literally everything evolves over time and space. The earth has changed immensely during its 14 billion year tenure. Animals have evolved from microscopic organisms to an estimated 30 billion different species, including humans. 751 more words


8 Revealing Headlines News Organizations Are Afraid To Print

The following are all relevant, fact-based issues, the “hard news” stories that the media has a responsibility to report. But the business-oriented press generally avoids them. 832 more words

Where to find historical Canadian newspapers

In his blog, The Ancestor Hunt, Kenneth R. Marks from Arizona has done a superb job of listing the titles of historical newspapers available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and — just added this week – Ontario and Nova Scotia, where they are stored, and which ones are available online. 22 more words

Online Learning

Radio didn't kill the radio star

Throughout history, every time a new technology has been created the general consensus has been that it will wipe out its predecessor.

However, just as Tom Rosenstiel explains in this video, it often does no such thing. 292 more words


Shekhar Gupta dedicates book to Viveck Goenka


Indian Express editor-in-chief Shekhar Gupta‘s much-awaited book, Anticipating India, a compilation of his Saturday columns, has seen a change of cover.

At left is the… 171 more words


Welding Shop: On Assignment for the the Los Angeles Times

Last week, I had one of the coolest assignments of my life. Not only was I working for a client who I have always wanted to do some work for, but I was also shooting something I had very little experience with. 781 more words