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Employment Deal-Breakers

I think Britney Helmrich has hit the nail on the head when it comes to what employees what in their workplace.  And if you really pay attention to the list of three (3) items — … 320 more words


A masochist ? – moi ?

You mean, just because I lost track of the fact that Audible is an Amazon company, and when my younger sister sent me a $50 Amazon voucher for my birthday I ordered the audio version of Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” ON DISK direct from Amazon …? 67 more words


Citizens Surprised, Library Has Resources Not Just Public Restroom

SULTAN, WA — Evelyn Carnahan loves her job.

What Carnahan doesn’t like is the perception her job and her place of work receives from citizens in our small town. 442 more words


We've Moved, and changed the Title of this Blog to Reflect a Broader Perspective (?)

Wednesday, 23 July, 2014. -( Severe Storm Warnings up in Atlantic Canada )-

We probably should have changed the title of this blog before we did. 179 more words


Unfair Dismissal

When you think of a two year old, which words come to mind? Patient? Predictable? Attentive to direction? I’m inclined to think the antonyms to these words are more apt in surmising the average toddler’s behaviour. 865 more words


Forest Man

This is a truly lovely video from “Colossal”: it’s 16 minutes long but I didn’t grudge a second.

So if you can find the time, make yourselves a cup of your preferred poison and take a short break to watch “Forest Man”. 10 more words


And the Winner is...


News! News! News!

When we moved to New Orleans in 2009, we planned to stay 3-5 years–unless something compelling changed our minds. Nothing did. We enjoyed much of our NOLA experience, but neither of us ever fully acclimated to the Big Easy, we arrived in the midst of a wave of other Northern Carpetbaggers/Outsiders swamping the city, and we were always too far away from our Home Triangle of Northern Michigan, Southern Michigan and Chicago.  494 more words

Living Life Fully