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Pre-Ordering LittleBigPlanet 3? Here's a Heaping List of Goodies You'll Get

Just recently at E3, LittleBigPlanet 3 was announced, much to the joy of fans worldwide. Sackboy has returned, and this time, he’s brought friends: Oddsock the dog, Swoop the bird, and Toggle, the size-changing… something. 283 more words

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Osmos and Newton

How easy is it to learn to play? 9/10

How easy it is to use in the classroom? 8/10

Cost: Free demo available, PC/Mac/Linux ($10), iPhone ($3.79), iPad ($6.49), and Android ($3.23) 420 more words


Nth Root Algorithm:Decoded :-)

I have been using <math.h> or nowadays known as <cmath> library in C++ for a very long time. But I always ponder about what algo is in their in the library. 501 more words

29th July 1988. The Latin Language 'was' Good for Children to Learn.

Today the Royal Assent was given to the English National Curriculum in 1988, noted for its omission of Latin, which language has influenced our culture and civilization goes back to the New Learning of the 15th century Renaissance Humanism.  676 more words


Isaac Newton : Book Review

Sir Isaac Newton is regarded as a genius. I recently got hold of his biography written by James Gleick, who has also authored Genius and Chaos. 813 more words


The Power of Metaphor and the Limits of Paradigm Shifts

Given that we seem to be living int he age of the paradigm shift, I thought I would mention some thoughts about paradigm shifts, and relate these to creativity, innovation and design thinking. 840 more words