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It's a Gross world!

Alex Gross is an American visual artist known for his satirical paintings on big themes of our days such as globalization, commerce and beauty that aim to denounce the consumerist culture. 189 more words


Vegan at Peachwave- Rye, New York

So Peachwave is the newest, coolest froyo place on Rye avenue (and when i mean coolest, i mean coolest hangout spot for rowdy five year olds or angsty pre-teens ), butttttttt it also has great dairy free froyo and toppings!! 135 more words


Peacefood Cafe-New York City

Four months in college means four months away from New York City, which means four months away from acting class, which means four months away from Peacefood Cafe. 158 more words


Vegan at Nobu- New York City

So because we hadn’t been home in like four months, our parents treated us to dinner at Nobu which is basically the equivalent of winning the lottery because its the best restaurant EVER. 323 more words


East Village New York

After all my visits to New York I had still yet to visit the East Village, until now. Alphabet City had always been on my radar from many Law and Order SVU episodes (and not in a good way) and Tompkins Square Park and St Marks Place were fresh in my memory after reading the amazing biography of Patti Smith… 126 more words

New York City

Vegan at Chelsea Market- New York City

Don’t get me wrong, I love LA. I’m such a Cali girl, but i’m DEFF a new yorker at heart. It’s like I have the California spirit with the new york attitude #Jk #ImABasicBitch. 452 more words