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Welcome to the Next Big Thing (And No, It's Not Samsung)

In recent months, Samsung decided to boldly declare that each of its new products are the next big thing. First of all, no. (#Appleforlife.) Second of all, Samsung needs to move over because my new blog is here and it’s taking over! 252 more words


Oculus VR

As my first post i thought of pickng up on the mest big thing.This post goes for the big hardcore gaming and Visual media fans out there.Yes i am talking about VR(virtual reality) the next big thing.The consumer version of the model is set start rolling from April 2015. 153 more words


The Next Big Thing

How do you come up with the next big thing? Does it really just come to you? Or do you spend like hours thinking of something? 303 more words


The next big thing is here!

Back in late July, I wrote about the “next big thing” on my horizon post-retirement. You can read Cloud Nine here. At that time, it was just a possibility. 304 more words


[GET] The Next Big Thing Is Here And Now

What I am showing you today is the ability to get in front of millions of people on Televison

Download The Next Big Thing Is Here And Now…

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Make Money

song of the moment

This song is so phenomenal that I’ve listened to it at least a hundred times in the past two weeks. Brand new artist by the name of… 72 more words