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The Australian Film Industry... Why does it suck?

Ok so if you haven’t guessed it by now, I live in a country that is very popular in the news right now for all the wrong reasons (No I’m not talking about North Korea, although that whole situation is something I want to write about so very badly). 1,033 more words


Could TSU be the next big thing for authors?

Have any of my friends heard anything about TSU yet? I signed up yesterday (by invite only; here is my link if you want to give it a try: … 82 more words

Dumb and Dumber is better than the Next Big Thing

The software world is a strange beast. It is the only industry that has one million solutions and no paying customer problems. The other industries are the other way around. 360 more words

Future Business Ideas

Young Rising Sons - High (December 6th)

Gonna try to get two posts out tonight before bed. Still trying to catch up I’m behind by about 6 or 7 posts now…once I catch up I swear I won’t fall behind again! 380 more words



Happiness can be an elusive and fleeting thing. Or is it? This is what I woke up thinking about today. I arose from the depths of slumber into wakefulness and thought ‘I am happy because there is someone in my life that wants me to be happy.’ This has not always been a factor in my life. 660 more words


A brief walk down memory S lane, Samsung's innovative, cheesy an downright gimmicky smartphone features

Consumers are waiting in line looking tired, worn out and some even confused. They look like they’ve been waiting there for days on end. As they wait patiently, they let out a few rants about what they hate about their smartphones. 1,068 more words


New Youtube Group?!

Hey! Have you heard? A new youtube group called My Digital Escape has finally begun! Starring Bryan Stars, Jordan Sweeto, Johnnie Guilbert, Alex Ramos, Alex Dorame, Kyle David Hall and Austin Jones are grouping together to create this outstanding collaboration. 77 more words