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Plans A, B, C... Z?

I’m one of those people who’s always pursuing the next opportunity. I’ve got emails and newsletters coming into my inbox filled with possibilities: internships, workshops, jobs… I’m often seen perusing job boards. 610 more words

Co-op In Botswana

The impact of negative feedback

Yet again I am irate on behalf of a friend because of negative feedback. Too often I am left consoling amazing teachers because their teaching has been insulted. 878 more words


Each day is another step forward

A major part of being in major debt and dealing with an affair, and the subsequent split/divorce, is that you are always looking to make improvements.  409 more words

Careers Advice

As you all know, it has got to the point where students my age are applying for University, or in my case have applied and are waiting for replies from said Universities, and so I thought a topic on this and my advice from personal experience might make a good blog topic? 618 more words

Next Steps...

All of the changes which we’ve experienced recently are probably overwhelming for everyone.  If you have questions or concerns about anything at all, you can contact Reid, Damien or Anthony at any time to talk about them. 113 more words

Next Steps...

What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen

By Lynne Mancini RN, BSN, MSN

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to safeguard our personal identification, we may still become a victim of identity theft. If someone has stolen your identifying information there are some actions you must act upon quickly to help repair any damage to your finances, credit and/or reputation. 355 more words

Home Care

Out of the Bird's Nest

Yes! You’re ready my post! Umm…where do I begin? Three years ago I took a position as a youth pastor at my church in South Florida. 783 more words