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Next year.

It is actually scary to not know what you are doing with your life or what decisions to make. I have no idea what I want to do, I made a decision to move and go to uni next year to do nursing.. 440 more words


Day 244: Two-Thirds Down and Thoughts Turn to Next Year

Two-thirds of the way down, and I feel just fine, in fact more than just fine. I’ve become so comfortable in my buynothing skin that it just seems like it was an inevitable accomplishment (so much so that it was rather a non-accomplishment). 387 more words

Apple Reportedly Preparing 13-Inch iPad for Early 2015

Apple is preparing to manufacture its largest-ever iPad, one which will feature a screen measuring 12.9 inches diagonally, Forbes reports, with an in-store launch expected sometime early next year. 53 more words


I pea'd!

This year I planted peas for the first time! I only put in a teeny section, maybe a dozen plants. They grew well once they got going. 186 more words


Reflection of Day 200: July 19, 2014

I was supposed to go to the Ramen Festival but it was overly packed – wait lines were around four hours! Plus my friend woke up late so it wasn’t the best idea to go since we wouldn’t get the whole experience. 36 more words

Next Year (I'm Going To Miss)

Next year, I’m going to miss the nights spent waiting at McDonalds, ordering nothing but McChickens, looking for new a place to cause havoc.

Next year, I’m going to miss how it only took 2 phone calls & $12 dollars to look and feel like a complete mess. 169 more words