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Tonight we had a truly kickass meeting at P-W. This was a TFA-mandated thing, but it was meaningful because we had the opportunity to make it our own.  759 more words


a post-birthday post

how old are you now?

i’m twenty two years old.

how do you feel?

different and not.  as i told someone, 22 feels like the age when you have to be an adult.   523 more words



“Ms. O’Connell, at the beginning of the year, didn’t you say you were a naturalist?”
“Like, someone who studies nature?”
“No! Like, someone who doesn’t shave and stuff” 777 more words


Five Positives For Next Year

As painful as this year has been there are brighter days ahead, the Celtics will be back on top of the Eastern Conference quickly. While discussing the Celtics with one of my friends this weekend they actually asked, “is the season really not over yet?” To say it’s been that kind of year is an understatement, it’s been the worst year since the disaster that was 2007. 751 more words

Boston Celtics

We finally got a flat!

After a long battle with trying to find a 5 person flat today we finally found one. Thank god for that!

When life gives you lemons, you beg for forgiveness

Just when things were starting to look up too and all of a sudden Im rolling downhill again. Im retaking the ENG 102 class (and liking it alot better) but now Im suffering in another class because the teacher’s style is unlike anything Ive ever had before (he never announces assingment/exam dates) so now I have two exams and a small assingnment as 0.00. 211 more words