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:D - Thursday 17th April 2014

Hiiii guys:D I’m so happy I can finally use my tablet:D wasn’t even able to turn it on without internet lol but anyway this is just a quick message to tell you that either tomorrow or the next day I will upload those unboxing pics cos I need to upload it to my computer sort it etc etc so anyway hope you had a good day & goodnight:)


Ubisoft Handed Out Free Nexus 7 Tablets To Watch Dogs Preview Event Attendees

Allegations of corrupt journalists and reviewers being bribed in order to get higher scores and positive coverage exist within every brand of the media, but in the world of gaming they seem far more prevalent, largely due to angry Internet fans screaming “paid-off” whenever a game they dislike gets a high score. 875 more words


Whoops, I just whacked my phone with my komboloi

I use komboloi, Greek worry beads, in Judaism its not halacha to use pray beads, you can fiddle with the knotted strings your tziztit on your talit. 109 more words

General Life

IGZO, LTPS and a dark horse called Quantum Dots

Mini Tablet Display Technology Shoot-Out

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, President, DisplayMate Technologies Corporation

For the last two years one of the most talked about developments in display technology has been the introduction of IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide).

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family guy the quest for stuff first impressions

now before this game was announced the opinion of a lot of people was that this is just a copy and past job and that they were just doing a simpsons tapped out and after a couple of hours playing that seams to be the case apart from a few minor differences. 289 more words


Google Now for Nexus 7

In today’s video I demo some useful features included in Google Now, these include searching for the latest movies, places, people and more.

Camera used to record: … 31 more words