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Troubleshoot Django, Gunicorn and Nginx

Recently I was trying to get a Django site running on AWS using Gunicorn and Nginx. The problem I ran into was page loads were very slow – about 30 seconds. 748 more words


Getting the best out of Logstash for Nginx

Note: If you’re not familiar with Logstash, please watch the introduction video to get the hang of inputs, filters and outputs and how they operate within Logstash. 1,361 more words


Web Developer

Position: Web Developer

Company: Funtomic

Location: Ramat-Gan


We believe our users deserve the best possible gaming experience, therefore we are looking for exceptional developers to join our team and take part in enhancing & optimizing our sites. 95 more words

AWS customers can now use Nginx for media streaming

Now sites and applications using Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) can use Nginx’s streaming media server as a video streaming solution. A module extension to Nginx’s web server product, Nginx streaming supports “all common video formats” — from MP4 and FLV to Apple HLS and Adobe HDS — and can adjust the quality of a video on the fly based on the speed of a connection. 7 more words


nginx로그에 favicon.ico지우기(기록안하기)

nginx에서 favicon 관련 로그를 남기지 않으려면

nginx.conf 파일에

location = /favicon.ico {
            access_log     off;
            log_not_found  off;

를 추가


AWS customers can now use Nginx for media streaming

After a year-long “pilot program,” server software maker Nginx is officially launching several paid services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) today. While Nginx Plus has been available (if not promoted) for the whole pilot program, there are two new additions to Nginx’s cloud product lineup: support for its streaming media server and annual subscriptions for all its services. 342 more words