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NHL Shooting Contributions & Age Progression: Population Study

This is a general population study, where I take all players who played an age-18 season at forward or defense (20+ GP, 150+ Career GP) and present the average – and so on with age-19, age-20, etc. 310 more words

NHL History

At What Point in NHL History Did Backup Goaltenders Begin to Get Used?

As you can see in the graph above, there are two key points in team we have to realize before asking these questions; those points involve NHL rule changes that had an obvious effect. 614 more words

NHL History

Season TOI Charts: Ilya Kovalchuk and Craig Adams, 2002-03

The NHL game reports give us individual TOI data, including even-strength, powerplay, and penalty kill TOI back through 2002-03. Using this, we can build some pretty interesting databases with season progressions such as the above. 195 more words

NHL History

NHL Player Distribution of Shift Length, 1997-98 through 2012-13

Taking data all the way back to 1997-98, this is the distribution of shift length in the NHL for all skaters. The average was approximately 45 seconds. 18 more words

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Contribution to Position Offense (CPO) and Its Relationship to Real TOI Data, 1998-99 through 2012-13

I created a new metric, with the purpose of having a predictive measure to estimating TOI in years we don’t have TOI data. The result was Contribution to Position Offense, or CPO, which is an average of a player’s percentage of position shots (defenseman has 25 shots, all team’s defensemen have 100 shots total…%PSh = 0.25) and that same player’s percentage of position assists (same equation as shots, only with assists). 100 more words