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Scottish Independence - Where We Are

David Torrance in his book “Battle for Britain” argues for a federal UK. If this had been taken forward at the time of the original referendum in 1979 it might have been an ideal solution. 71 more words

Food For Thought

Porn Vs Reality

Never before has porn been so accessible. Within seconds of innocently typing boob, babe or blow into Google, your page becomes flooded with images of men and women in their birthday suits doing the dirty. 1,070 more words


Opportunities for psychology graduates to train as psychological therapists - and get paid - apply now!

For all psychology grads……..

  • Are you looking to use your psychology in a clinical setting, though not necessarily via the Clinical Psychologist route?
  • Are you keen to work towards a relevant MSc alongside clinical practice in the NHS?
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How on Earth Does an Idea Like This Get Hatched?

UK hospital accused of selling body parts for booze


Oh I’m sure it will be thorough and no stone will be left unturned – ultimately resulting in some low-level scrubs taking the fall.

Government Fury

Hospital Visit No. 132

Jaded I can’t even get wasted, the brown bottle bin empty.

It’s the gas, the final plunge that I think about each and every night.  That infinite high that accompanies gross body trauma.   62 more words

What Is Life Worth

Postpone your prayers, taste the wine

Leave it to the French to come up with “medically supervised wine-tasting” sessions for terminally ill patients.
The Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital in central France will allow patients to take part in the wine-tasting sessions to improve their quality of life. 351 more words


Hope 1.2

Hope for change

Hope for better

Hope for everything

Hope, you break my heart with your incessant teasing.


There are times when I look through events/current affairs and hope things change. 484 more words