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Personal Health Budgets

Unknown to the man on the street the NHS is currently undergoing a program of radical reforms with the integration of heath and social care services and personalisation of services all designed to provide “better care”.   710 more words


Herald Scotland: Call to cut millions spent by NHS on religion

Health boards collectively spend about £3.7m a year on the internal departments, including paying salaries of full-time “generic” NHS chaplains who are tasked with providing support to all who ask for it. 193 more words

"A full-size torpedo into Dora Venter’s arse"

The Couch

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Psychiatry and sex have gone hand in hand ever since Freud announced that men were still hankering after mummy’s teats and women went mental because they didn’t have a winkie to play with and never got to shag their dads, (I think that was the gist of it, at any rate). 337 more words



Via The Daily Mail

A 65-year-old ex-soldier is demanding a £20,000 sex change operation on the NHS.

Roxanne Yeatman – formerly Doug – is having ‘feminisation’ lessons and now wants surgery as well. 

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“Remember your humanity and forget the rest”

Despite my previous blogs, I am not one to moan for the sake of it and I’m first to give credit where it’s due. For every rude, offensive, incompetent member of staff there are thousands that work tirelessly to care for the needs of others. 273 more words


We need to pay more for our healthcare in the UK

“Campaigners are urging pharmaceutical giant Roche to lower the cost of a pioneering new breast cancer treatment as the NHS drugs watchdog is set to reject its use on cost grounds.” From… 713 more words

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The joys of a cone biopsy

I have got cramps. Inelegant, painful, distracting, uncomfortable cramps.

This morning I had the joy of a colposcopy. It seems I am rather prone to “inconclusive” smear test results, and I duly get referred off to the hospital to have further tests, which involve inspection with a camera. 1,061 more words