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The light is back, after 2 days back in hospital 24/07/14

The light totally disappeared for awhile, on Tuesday I woke up and coughed blood so went to A&E where a nurse practitioner saw me and sent me home. 357 more words


This Dark Cloud Just Gets Darker.

I have done things this week. Met up with friends, met new people, meeting more new people, had no full attacks for a little while and had an easy week at work. 219 more words


Princess Alexandra Hospital referred to Health Secretary by Auditors

BBC News article

Audit Commission Press Release

Nineteen NHS trusts have been referred to ministers after auditors raised concerns about their financial health. One of them is The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust in Harlow. 196 more words


Babies remember music played in the womb

The ear first appears in the 3rd week of gestation. By the 16th week it is fully functional. Around the 24th week they actively listen and respond to sounds. 59 more words


Brown girls don’t get eating disorders

by Anonymous

“You have such a beautiful face; if only you lost weight it would not be such a waste” said one ‘auntie’ to me when I was 6 years old. 1,797 more words


Has Fujitsu won £700m NHS legal dispute?

By Tony Collins

The Telegraph reports unconfirmed rumours that Fujitsu has thrown a party at the Savoy to celebrate the successful end of its long-running dispute with the NHS over a failed £896m NPfIT contract. 1,003 more words

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Risk of infecting surgery patients with CJD not taken seriously, say MPs

Health officials must do more to prevent the spread of variant CJD, the human form of BSE, say MPs. They warn that the ongoing risks of infection are not being taken seriously enough. 93 more words