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Consensus, Bevan and Thorneycroft

I’m interested in transgressions. It’s only by seeing what is deemed unacceptable that we can identify where a line has been drawn. In turn, identifying those boundaries allows us to see the shape of the thing. 1,925 more words


UMD Service-Learners Teach and Inspire at Northwestern High School: Part 2

Note: Bloc Reporter Iman Smith currently interns at Northwestern High School in the “Writing for Change” course and chose to share her experiences as a service-learner. 759 more words


Cameron the "Christian"

Today, theoretically is the holiest day in the Christian calendar. I say “theoretically” for a number of reasons. Firstly, Easter isn’t a “Christian” holiday per se; there is much argument about this, but according to a friend of mine, it is derived from “Hausos” which was an Indo-European (precursor of the Celts) holiday, which was then translated into “Auster” in Latin (a true “Roman Holiday?) and consequently into the Anglo-Saxon “Easter”. 916 more words

Registering with the NHS

When I first moved to London, I was extremely concerned about our medical care.  We have no major medical issues, but the “what ifs” of three small children were always in the back of my mind!  437 more words


Josie Cunningham, an escort, has been in the news fairly frequently since she proudly announced to the world that she had an NHS funded breast enlargement in order to pursue a career as a glamour model. 624 more words


NHS patients told: "Go to Asda"

Boess at crisis-hit NHS units have turned away patients and told them: “Go to Asda”.

The shocking move is among a catalogue of horror stories… 864 more words

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