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In Memoriam.

No other war is now possible for Prussia-Germany than a world war, and indeed a world war of hitherto unimagined sweep and violence. Eight to ten millions soldiers will mutually kill each other off and in the process devour Europe barer than any swarm of locusts ever did. 949 more words

Introductory Reading

History, at both HL and SL, is a very challenging course eve for the IB standards. As many new students will be starting the IB program in september, I here upload a list of useful books to read during the summer in order to be better prepared for the History course. 246 more words

World Economic Growth Limited by Sustainability Constraints

I had the pleasure of listening to a number of fine Ted Talks on my trip to the airport this morning, each addressing the growing disparity between the rich and poor,  and the demise of the middle class. 131 more words

Teaching war like a computer game

War games and the military are increasingly crossing their boundaries and encroaching each other’s territory. As the military sponsors the development of new technology and new war scenarios, games are sold commercially but also used as training and recruiting tools. 95 more words

A Lesson from the World's #1 Restaurant

Until it closed last year, Spain’s El Bulli was considered the world’s best restaurant. A little while back, a very successful business owner told me about a… 13 more words