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Used and Abused..

I want to speak my mind about something that’s happened to me throughout the years but just recently happened to me again and I need to put my foot down. 682 more words


Closures & JavaScript Syntax

I ran this in the console to find the value of result but I am stumped as to why it is 122. I cannot figure why, nor can I figure out how bonus is used in the code blow. 111 more words


22:Mind Mapping : Big Brothers

This idea came from a the drawing above that I did about my older brother, and I made a list beside the picture about particular characteristics that he has.   424 more words

The wrong niche?

Thanks to someone posting this take-down of some whiny men’s rights advocate(MRA) on Reddit, the views for this blog reached over 600 in one day. That’s more than the other time someone cross-posted an entry on this blog to Reddit, and that got far more views than the time I was published in  142 more words


The 5 Men I'm Dating On My Commute To Work

When You have an hour and fifteen minute trip to work every day, you end up seeing the same people Monday – Friday. I’ve now started dating a few of them in my head. 1,205 more words

[K-DRAMA] Innocent Man / Nice Guy (2012)

warning: may contain spoilers

Innocent Man / Nice Guy is a melodrama that involves romance, betrayal and revenge. Does a nice guy like Kang Maru truly exists in this world? 1,572 more words

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