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will sound like a broken record

This is a reference back to one of my previous posts


On the choosing criteria of Asian vs. Western women, it just seems that both criteria is toxic and screws over the average working man. 255 more words

Involuntary Celibacy

Bit of a laugh

So I went out with Mulder on Friday night – he took me to a comedy club. I can safely say there will be no progress of a romantic or sexual nature with this one. 29 more words

Ways to Keep from getting “Friendzoned”

Stop being her friend!!! Stop doing countless favors for her! You know that you are one step away from being called “the work horse” right? 234 more words


Moonshine Mayhem - Americana in a Jar

I was exposed to my first round of Moonshine this week – Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine to be exact. Made from a 100 year old recipe, I couldn’t believe how good it tasted, and not even a slight hangover the next day. 220 more words


Mr. Niceguy

“Good evening, Mr. Niceguy!” A deep voice shouts out from the darkness. Mr. Niceguy wondering why someone is shouting at him begins to awaken. His head throbs with each beat of his heart. 811 more words


Don't Read The Comments

Don’t Read The Comments

So, I’ve noticed the quickest way to be threatened with rape is to be a woman on the internet.

You read correctly! 894 more words


The Kind Men of Mankind

I owe Moe an apology.

I wrote and told him that I had joined MeetUp to find groups of people with common interests (not to find a date), and I explained that I was uncomfortable meeting one-on-one with a complete stranger. 348 more words