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I've lost it... and I've gone back to the beginning (sort of)...

It’s almost a new year (Newroz) and it’s time for a new spiritual regeneration (sometimes you have to go forward to go back ;) ) 217 more words

Brown Box

The NERVE of me! My poor landlord...

My landlord was just here. I still haven’t paid rent this month, and was very worried that he was going to mention it, cause I have NO MONEY, as has been established in previous posts. 289 more words


The Two Most Common Types of "Nice Guys"

“I’m a Nice Guy!” claim many men. But, what does “Nice Guy” really mean? Does it mean “Finishing Last?”
Here’s the thing: Most of the genuinely nice guys that I have met are taken, or are single by choice. 1,015 more words

Social Awareness

Used and Abused..

I want to speak my mind about something that’s happened to me throughout the years but just recently happened to meĀ again and I need to put my foot down. 682 more words


Closures & JavaScript Syntax

I ran this in the console to find the value of result but I am stumped as to why it is 122. I cannot figure why, nor can I figure out how bonus is used in the code blow. 111 more words