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A different prospective

To look at a different perspective you first have look at your own.

For example:

I met this woman about 5 months ago Beautiful inside and out, smart, funny, nice, independent,  I mean the type of girl that you want to show off to the whole world! 416 more words



<3 <3

Every normal teenager’s dream is to have six months of holidays twice a year, right? However, we accept the fact of having less than five months of holidays a year. 183 more words


The Nice Guy, Male Entitlement, and The Bachelorette

It was inevitable that I would some day write feminist commentary on The Bachelorette, and ladies and gents, that day has come. Tonight was the episode of the franchise when all the shit usually hits the fan: the fantasy suite episode. 1,122 more words

Where Will the Nice Guy Finish?

Dustin is a guy I’m good friends with who is the eternal ‘nice guy.’ He’s good looking, sweet, and funny, and a good Christian with good morals, but he makes terrible choices when it comes to dating. 963 more words


The Nice Guy: Keanu Reeves

We all like to believe that movie stars are the nicest and greatest beings on Earth. But unfortunately we know that is not true. With that dang technology today we see Actors caught on tape screaming at the directors and just being downright rude to fans. 213 more words

Keanu The Musical

A Moving Love..

He houses love in it’s most authentic state…giving all of himself consistently. Sometimes I wonder how he never manages to run out of “self” to give. 467 more words


To The Girl Who Was Too Late

I got your letter. I also got your apologies and everything I could have ever wanted from you that you never gave me before. But as you said yourself, you were the girl that was too late. 1,141 more words