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Try Again

10. Try Again

Because I don’t want to give in to those eyes who look like they are about to collapse
In the dazzling light that appears sometimes… 241 more words

Nice Music

Aoi Iro

9. Aoi Iro

Let’s break the globe and dye the world in a new colour
Like in a fairytale land, let’s just creatively do dream-like stuff! 186 more words

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A dream I had one day
was about a single swaying drop
in a wish that didn’t reach and disappeared in the white moon… 179 more words

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Last Scene

7. Last Scene

I understand that you pick up a friend’s counsel, but
I still haven’t taken off my blindfold

Once, surely, we loved each other, that someone who I don’t know… 235 more words

Nice Music

First Calendar

6. First Calender

That back shot of yours I became familiar with
Feeling embarrassed for waiting one second before calling out to you
Is it like the title ‘lovers’ is written down somewhere? 245 more words

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Take a chance

5. Take a chance

Take a chance
One more chance

A new wind blew
You remember that dawn, right?
When everything in front of our eyes… 220 more words

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Massive Wonders

4. Massive Wonders

I straightforwardly think and wish for
Something I can do, not for just anyone, but for your sake
I clung to rules that were hardened by unreliability… 233 more words

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