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'Anyone who writes an autobiography is either a twat or broke'

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by Viv Albertine

I don’t read many biographies to be truthful. I don’t know why really. In the book club, biographies are frowned upon as a lesser form of writing, quite why I don’t know, it’s on of our many weird rules: no biographies. 579 more words

Nice Stuff

My week sucked. But then I discovered Marcel The Shell (with shoes on).

You guys, I apologise.

This week has been ridiculous and I’ve not had the time or inclination to write a witty, interesting or even coherent post. 156 more words

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Confession: I'm stalking a stranger online.

You guys, I’ve gotta tell you something: I’m actively stalking someone I’ve never met on Facebook and Instagram. It’s not something I’ve ever really done before, but I’ve realised I’m quite good at it! 512 more words

Feel Good

The Lighter Stuff: Exchanging Gifts with Strangers

As you guys know, I’ve made it my personal mission to not get bogged down in all the yucky headlines of late and instead turn my focus to  463 more words

Feel Good

The Lighter Stuff

A bit over a year ago, I stopped watching the news. Not because I didn’t care what was going on in the world, but because I can no longer stomach the violence, terror and fear that is constantly being thrust upon on our TV screens now that I’m a Mama. 528 more words

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