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Japanese Tea Ceremony in Nice

I’ll admit, this is cheating a bit. I’ve never been to Japan, but the other day I went to a matcha tea ceremony.

The Musee des Arts Asiatiques here in Nice, France offers this mini ceremony three Sundays a month to give visitors a bit of an initiation to the tea ceremony. 377 more words


Marseille - "The meeting place of the entire world" (Alexandre Dumas)

I had reservations about coming to Marseille to be honest. It seems to be a real mixed bag down here. There are some dodgy areas to be sure. 603 more words


Nice Abrasive Machining China photos

A few nice abrasive machining images I found:

Cutting Piano Wire with Diamonds

Image by tudedude
My Dremel Drill mounted in the Lathe China tool holder, with a diamond blade… 15 more words

Nice Titanium Machining China photos

Check out these titanium machining images:

M240L Medium Machine China Gun (Light)

Image by PEOSoldier
Provides significant, reliable and lethal medium support fire for aviation and ground units such as Infantry, Armor, Field Artillery and Combat Engineers. 104 more words

Maturity: Brains, Brawn or Age?

What does it take to be mature? Life has recently taught me that regardless of your intelligence, physique or your wisdom bound age, none of those traits automatically make you mature. 227 more words

Pitfalls of the "nice" workplace

I work in a very nice place with very nice people. The kind and courteous atmosphere is one of the biggest perks of my job. And this is only one of several nice places in which I’ve worked ove rthe course of my career. 980 more words