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My Summer Abroad: Europe

Seeing as spending one month in Europe inspired me to start my own travel blog, it seems fitting that my first post recap my trip. My first trip to France was at age six, and my appreciation for cultures and the beauty in nature has definitely since grown. 601 more words


Lourdes to Nice

10/23 – right outside our window is a castle, and we noticed it brightly lit up during the procession at the Grotto last night. It turns out to be the Château Fort, a 1000 year old fortress that has never been conquered, so this morning we walked over for a visit. 389 more words


Mummy Quick Visits Nice: Prince Hunting, Near Misses, and Being Complete and Utter Tourists...

I’ve not long returned from the airport where I dropped my lovely Mum off after an amazing week! Now despite being a fully fledged local (I was offered a loyalty card in the supermarket – that’s practically a full citizenship!), this week was a fabulous opportunity to be a complete tourist. 1,308 more words


Tired of being nice, a bit

so, we moved into our new house back on the 29th of September. Since then we have had 5 deliveries of packages from Amazon to the previous owners. 158 more words

4 Annoying Things About the Word “Nice”

It’s been at least two weeks since I drafted up one of my well-known and snarky as all hell “annoying” lists. That being said, this particular list has been in the drafting phase for quite awhile as I was trying to find the right words. 952 more words


15 Minutes- Gentleness

Day two of the 15 minute challenge– hoping to do a little better on the timing.  But the great thing about God– He is so full of grace when I “blow It” or just plain need a little extra help! 311 more words

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