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Keeping the Glow Alive

One of the hardest things for an author to sustain is book buzz. I’m talking about after all of the pre-release and release sizzle has died down, and the slight bump in interest that occurs after delivery of a monthly newsletter or other reader-oriented correspondence. 435 more words

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Lets talk about Multi-Media Math

Disclaimer: I am not a mathematician. To be frank, I’m not a huge stats fan. I feel like statistics pigeonholes the consumer into a place on a big graph rather than treating each person as a human, but more on that later. 610 more words


Knights who say "Niche"

Hello friends,


The Captain and I have decided to bone up on some small business basics. So we grabbed some used business books, opened those suckas, and rapidly shifted our eyes to and fro all sneaky like. 416 more words

Viral Marketing Initiatives - The 5 Elements of Know-How

The holy grail of digital marketing is the viral video. The quick and exponentially growing message that seems to reach the far corners of the earth and fill each nook and cranny of cyberspace. 734 more words

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Niche Marketing/ Professional Services Marketing- Web

Service line specific web page built with resources pertaining to niche practice area

Offers like these allow the user to gain valuable and educational content, prove the Firm’s thought leadership.

Professional Services Marketing

Got Clients? No? Then Stop Putting Cats in Dresses

Back in January, I had the assignment from hell.  Every day, I had to cold-call 50 people I didn’t know, asking if they wanted digital marketing for their business. 597 more words

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