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How to Specialize in Marketing

There’s an ongoing debate in the world of marketing, and probably many other fields, as to whether or not an employee is better off specializing in one specific area or being a generalist. 413 more words


Held Prisoner in the Past?

There is an old axiom “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.  That particular saying has been reworded many times and used in various forms but the message continues to be the same.   626 more words

Terry Wiens

Marlon's Marketing Tips


The ONLY WAY to escape the time for dollars trap is to trade products for dollars.

Niche Marketing

The Valentine's Day Dining Dilemma

By Christian Carlson

We’re a month away from Valentine’s Day, the second most popular holiday to dine out after Mother’s Day, and 35% of people… 501 more words


A New Direction in Network Marketing

The Way It’s Always Been Done
Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Businesses have always leveraged an individual’s relationship with people to sell product. This means you need to build lots and LOTS of individual relationships with people in order to make decent sales numbers.   699 more words


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Narrowing Your Marketing Focus

Are you trying to market to anyone and everyone that might even remotely have a need for your services?  Rather than spreading your time, energy, and marketing budget so impossibly thin, focusing on one or two very specific segments of your market will likely reap you far greater rewards and at much less cost. 335 more words