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Mobil1 & Porsche - Director's Cut

Frame pumps life into Mobil1 motor oil & Porsche.

In this spectacular film a mean and aggressive machine bull is conceived and brought into being by the blood of Porsche, the Mobil1 motor oil. 38 more words

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Welcome to Your Niches...


What’s yours?

Your Niches is a review orientated blog of different niche categories that are either near and dear to my heart or have recently caught my attention. 70 more words


Keeping the Glow Alive

One of the hardest things for an author to sustain is book buzz. I’m talking about after all of the pre-release and release sizzle has died down, and the slight bump in interest that occurs after delivery of a monthly newsletter or other reader-oriented correspondence. 435 more words

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Don't Judge too quickly

This is one of the beautiful ad by ‘Ameriquest’, they have come up with beautiful incidents where people judge the things just by looking at the scenario, have fun watching I hope you guys will enjoy :)

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Man dives into exploding volcano using GoPro

Take a look at one of the most adventurous video, where man dives into Volcano and shoots the entire recording with GoPro camera. It’s just one of the brilliant videos which is ever taken

Niche Marketing

Lets talk about Multi-Media Math

Disclaimer: I am not a mathematician. To be frank, I’m not a huge stats fan. I feel like statistics pigeonholes the consumer into a place on a big graph rather than treating each person as a human, but more on that later. 610 more words

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