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Happy Meal

Fastfood chains usually offer combo meal choices to customers so they can come up with dining decisions much faster than they usually take. The focus on a combo meal is usually on the main dish, bolstered by a side dish and a drink, plus a price package to go.

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Food Business

Amazing marketing - #TheSingingPriest - Big surprise for Bride and Groom - find your niche!

This guy knows his niche. He’s a priest that sings his homily and personalises this to his congregation. In Ireland at the moment this video is going viral! 49 more words

Magazines: Serving the Niche

Successful magazines morph to provide what readers want. Often, they identify with a certain niche subject. For example, “Forbes” is a business magazine and “Mother Earth News” caters to homesteaders. 278 more words


Brand Definition: Alphabet N

Niche Marketing: Marketing adapted to the needs, wishes and expectations of small, precisely defined groups of individuals. A form of market segmentation, but aimed at very small segments. 6 more words



Matt Callen’s HyperVRE – Free Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Website Creator

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Making Money on the Internet

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, everyone using the internet hopes to make money. It may be that it is truly your passion to blog about a certain subject or to get the word out on a topic of interest, but being able to make money while doing this on the internet makes it all the sweeter. 341 more words