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The more niched you can make your product, the more unique, differentiated and specialised it is. And the more tangible the outcome. Therefore, you can charge more, due to lack of comparable competition,


It’s all about the beads.

I’ve been crafting/designing jewelry for the last 2 years. Yay me!! I’ve dabbled with metal, wire, chain and of course beads. Like any business owner, you need to find your niche. 72 more words


Baking Your Way To The Top

It appears that the theatre market isn’t the only overcrowded industry in New York. On every corner there are a number of pizza joints, cafés, bakeries and various other food outlets. 315 more words

How To Make Money

Yes it is very possible. I speak from experience. I actually got into this niche and decided I wanted to Make Money Online a few years ago. 31 more words

Does It Have To Be Popular To Make Money?

People still believe that selling “mainstream” products is the way to go if you want to make money, but with the internet, popular products shouldn’t be the sole drive of your business. 301 more words

Lady from Japan

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