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Spartans Biology - Competition In-Class Questions

What are examples of intraspecific competition, interspecific competition, competitive exclusion principle, and resource sharing. When providing examples, please define these terms.

Use your textbook. This information can be found in Chapter 4.


Deathcare Team in Nashville

Bill Newman and Ruth Seip attended the National Funeral Directors Association International Convention and Expo in Nashville, TN October 12th until the 15th. Also pictured is Bill’s wife Lynne and Ken Lee from StoneMor.



Finding the Right Attorney, Part 1 of 4: Experience

Choosing the RIGHT attorney is the first and most important step in finding legal representation for your matter. What does finding the RIGHT attorney entail? It means finding an attorney who is: (1) EXPERIENCED; (2) PERSONABLE; (3) PASSIONATE; and (4) AFFORDABLE. 696 more words


Not Sure What Your Niche Is? These 3 Things Can Help You Decide

1. Survey your peers, mentors, and friends and ask what they think you are good at so that you can have a CLEAR picture of how people see you, professionally. 662 more words


How Do You Do What You Do

It was shortly after breakfast when the tears started.
No no no no no, no sit! Yesterday Wednesday, Wednesday!
No no no! *tears* No quiet mouth! 700 more words

To Hold A Wolf Spider

I get a lot of questions and exclamation points whenever I post a photo of myself holding a wolf spider so I thought I would touch on this subject for a minute. 427 more words

Four Crucial To-Do Items Before Opening An ETSY Store

When you decide that you want to take your crafting to the next level and open up an ETSY store/go to craft fairs you will want to know the game plan beforehand. 1,236 more words