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Viyrans Is Golden

Big Finish Folly, Part 49 – Mission of the Viyrans, by Nicholas Briggs

On a short, rejuvenating break on the planet Gralista Social (where everybody is erm… social) Peri’s night out turns into a nightmare as a mysterious virus turns everybody – including the Doctor – into a clone of Peri herself. 192 more words

Doctor Who

Big Finish Folly, Part Four

Onwards and upwards – to the first tale in my “second season” of 5th Doctor audio plays.

Creatures of Beauty, by Nicholas Briggs

The TARDIS has malfunctioned and arrived on the planet Veln, which is fatally tainted by dyestrial toxins. 260 more words

Doctor Who

Big Finish Folly, Part Two

Two more Fifth Doctor plays to mull over – this time harking back to classic enemies and a classic location as Nyssa visits home…

Fifth Doctor

#4 - Dark Eyes 1


doctor: Paul Mcgann

companion: Molly

As well as the television series, ‘Doctor Who’ has been told in many different media over the years and I plan to venture into these as well as the classic TV series as I write this blog. 963 more words

Doctor Who