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Enjoy the Viyrans

Big Finish Folly, Part 104 – Patient Zero, by Nicholas Briggs

Finally, the Sixth Doctor challenges Charlotte Pollard to tell him the truth. Who is she really? 625 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Five Companions [Big Finish]

OK, back to The Five Companions.

As I noted previously, this is “special episode” of Big Finish’s Doctor Who audio line, made available when one subscribes to 12 titles from one of their lines of stories. 745 more words

Doctor Who

Kroton Soup

Big Finish Folly, Part 102 – Return of the Krotons, by Nicholas Briggs

Onyakis: a dead asteroid with plenty of mineral resources to be mined. When the Tardis turns up, the last remnants of the human race, fleeing a dying Earth, are doing exactly that. 460 more words

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Red or Dead?

Big Finish Folly, Part 101 – Brotherhood of the Daleks, by Alan Barnes

A platoon of Thals dare to pass through the Spiridon jungles… a fanatical scientist monitors experiments from within a belljar greenhouse… Charlotte Pollard’s future begins to catch up with her… and deep within a frozen planetoid, the Daleks dream… 495 more words

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Nicholas Briggs 'Voice of the Cybermen' Interview

Nicholas Briggs has been the ‘Voice of the Cybermen’ since their return in 2006 and so who better to read Cybermen: Status Update, the new adventure that you’ll find in… 859 more words
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New Doctor Who Trailer

The BBC has released another trailer for the new series, starring Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, starting on Saturday 23rd August.

Entitled “I See Your Soul…”, the trailer sees the TARDIS control room blowing up and the Doctor seemingly being electrocuted to the point we can see his two hearts beating with Dalek voices talking over the top. 44 more words