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Slam: Sonder

I’ve had one nickname that’s been around since birth: Casper.

My dad says it was because until the age of three I was bald, fat, white, and stared at everyone with big blue eyes. 482 more words


Making Winter a Little Less Brutal

As the temperature is dropping, I am starting to do my much dreaded jacket shopping. There are so many other things I would rather spend my money on. 369 more words

Prepare To Swoon At Elle Fanning And Nicholas Hoult's Chemistry

Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult got to know each other really well on the remote South African set of their new film Young Ones. You have to see how these two interact. 28 more words

Women Ideas

42/52 {inspired}

As much as I love being at home with my children, escaping on occasion is also quite good for the soul. This week (with the help of a lovely friend and my mum to juggle my children), I was privileged to attend… 408 more words




I just got a seperate website developed for the Concept and writers/poets are needed to develop the blog with me. We need those that can write maybe long stories, short stories, poems, relationship talks. 872 more words


How to stop a statement to work while it's false Java

I have created an ArrayList and I limited it’s size to 10 .
Now I add strings to it while his size =< 10.

How to stop function to work after the size is 10, and to make it wait (not to go further) after for example I delete an Item and now the size is 9, after that he see that the size is 9 and he can add One more element. 141 more words