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Two and a half.

Oh, Nicholas, you have my heart.

At just over two and a half, you continue to light up our world. We occasionally fight over you. I look forward to your cuddles in the morning, but your big brothers ask if they can go into your room at the first sound you have woken up. 725 more words


Is it possible to import OpenCover /result in SonarQube?

I’m currently changing things to our Sonar setup since Gallio isn’t supported anymore by C# Ecosystem 3. I already successfully imported the unit test coverage by using OpenCover with following command. 177 more words


When the World Still Span (Song)

When the world still span
You were there to hold my hand,
When I tossed and turned all night
It was your arm that I’d cling tight… 146 more words


making a takeUntil function in haskell

I want make a function which when given a string eg “ab” and “cdabd” when it will be used on these two strings it will output “cd” 94 more words


The Vampire's Bite by Eve Grant

(Cover picture courtesy of Goodreads.)

She’s responsible and takes life too seriously

Susan Ethans is a model student: perfect grades, a dream scholarship, and a promising career ahead of her.

585 more words
Book Review

Poets with dietary restrictions need ingredient list

Nicholas Hanashiro


Speaking for people with dietary restrictions, I would like an ingredient list for the foods in the C.I. and Spot. 403 more words