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Why Superintelligence May Not Help Us Think about Existential Risks—or Transhumanism, Steve Fuller

Author Information: Steve Fuller, University of Warwick, S.W.Fuller@warwick.ac.uk

Fuller, Steve. “Why Superintelligence May Not Help Us Think about Existential Risks—or Transhumanism” Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective… 1,412 more words

Steve Fuller

Robots: Where We Are, Where We've Been and Where We're Going

John McCarthy, one of the founding fathers of artificial intelligence (AI), once stated the dictum that “when something works it is no longer called ‘AI’.” The Google search engine is, arguably, the greatest AI system that has yet been built. 554 more words

Follow the white philosopher

“Are you living in a computer simulation?” That’s the title of Nick Bostrom’s paper from 2003. He thinks it’s a possibility. 

“This paper argues that  87 more words


Two New Yorkers take out Palo Alto magazine ad to request features from Tesla, CEO Elon Musk responds

Ad taken out in Palo Alto Daily by two Model S owners is right. Many of the suggestions will be implemented soon. http://t.co/cF43PvJDgQ

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) …

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3 Things... About the Future of Intelligent Life – Nick Bostrom

The idea of artificial intelligence, or ‘AI’, has been around for centuries – and for most, it conjures up scenes from The Terminator that feel safely removed in the realm of fantasy or science fiction. 369 more words


Superintelligentie is supergevaarlijk

Waarom moet we ons zorgen maken over kunstmatige intelligentie? Omdat ze ons verstand te boven gaat, en daarmee fundamenteel onbetrouwbaar is, schrijf ik in nrc.next van 21 augustus




這次說的哲學理論由 Nick Bostrom 提出,他是個現代年輕哲學家。

如果有看過電影《二十二世紀殺人網絡》亦即 Matrix,很容易就能理解「虛擬世界」所指的是甚麼。
宅一點,也可以想像這個世界其實就是《火影忍者》裏面的無限月讀,又或是 《Sword Art Online》裏面的線上遊戲。

這似乎很無稽,然而這就是哲學好玩的一面。 6 more words