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Tacit Knowledge Is Why Superintelligence Might Turn On Us

Do Russ Roberts just posted another gripping EconTalk podcast. This week’s episode featured a discussion with Nick Bostrom about the themes of his book, Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies… 717 more words


“You can engineer a prairie vole to become monogamous when it’s naturally polygamous. It’s just a single gene. Might be more complicated in humans, but perhaps not that much.” — …

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Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence and the Metaphorical A.I. Time Bomb

Frank Knight was an idiosyncratic economist who formalized a distinction between risk and uncertainty in his 1921 book, Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit. As Knight saw it, an ever-changing world brings new opportunities, but also means we have imperfect knowledge of future events. 2,011 more words

Articficial Intelligence


Nick Bostrom, a leading scholar of futurism, speaks at Google about the possible risks and rewards of a superintelligent (read: post-human) society.