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Changement climatique : l'AAAS sort de ses gonds

En tant que scientifiques, il ne nous appartient pas de dire aux gens ce qu’ils doivent faire ou croire au sujet de la menace croissante du changement climatique.

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Climate Change

Global Warming Nazis

Nick Cohen at the Guardian is upset because theĀ  British and American governments have somehow opted not to destroy their economies and permanently reduce their citizen’s standards of living on the basis of not-so-settled science. 251 more words

Scum And Villainy

Nick Cohen smears Noam Chomsky and the anti-war movement.

Here’s his latest screed from The Spectator, in which he basically accuses Chomsky, and the anti-war left in general, of hypocrisy and indifference to suffering, because they haven’t spoken out more against the Russian occupation of the Crimea: 413 more words