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Countering David Aaronovitch’s ‘humanitarianism’ on Iraq

Countering David Aaronovitch’s ‘humanitarianism’ on Iraq
by Ian Sinclair
Morning Star
March 2013

Along with fellow journalists Nick Cohen, Johann Hari and Christopher Hitchens, ten years ago David Aaronovitch was an important liberal advocate for war on Iraq. 1,157 more words


Twitter Top 5

Twitter is not only a platform for your instant thoughts and actions, it is also a perfect source of news. Many people share their professional experience and opinion, as well as, useful information depending on their interests. 247 more words

The Guardian

PPE Problems

Nick Cohen is among the dozen or so columnists I never like to miss. He doesn’t sit on the fence and the anger in his writing always bubbles up throughout the prose. 378 more words


Solidarity, Socialism & Self-Determination

It was disappointing to see a good socialist like Dennis Skinner characterise supporters of Scottish independence as narrow-minded fools. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said: “I can’t understand some of the trade unionists falling for flag-waving in Scotland [...] Nationalists divide working people when we should be united.” In the same staunchly pro-Labour newspaper, London-based hack Kevin Maguire wrote: “Instead of seeking alliances with the working class in Northern England and South Wales to create a better, fairer, decent Britain, a parochial Left fringe in Scotland is allying itself to Alex Salmond that would abandon the low paid and jobless from Cornwall to Cumbria.” Meanwhile, Nick Cohen, the left-wing political commentator who supported the invasion of Iraq, asks: “How can a union official call for English workers to support Scottish workers if England and Scotland are separate countries?” 252 more words

Scottish Independence

The Filthy. Rich. Spoilt. Rotten. working in creative industries in the UK

An interesting article by Nick Cohen in The Guardian today written in response to the opening of the film The Riot Club. The article asks if the “niceness” of the “Filthy. 76 more words

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