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Teaching Life Lessons via TV Sitcoms

I seriously hate the cheesy portions on most TV shows. When the music swells and some big life lesson is about to be revealed, I usually roll my eyes and tune out until the forced moral of the story is over. 435 more words

April Ludgate

IN A WORLD (2013)

I like Lake Bell. What can I say? I pretty much fell in crush with her in How to Make it in America, HBO’s brilliant look at 20 somethings in New York. 209 more words


The Lego Movie

I am still trying to understand how The Lego Movie came to fruition. Movies like this just don’t get made. I’m not talking about films that seem to be nothing more than an elaborate marketing exercise for a particular brand, because that kind of thing happens all the time. 688 more words

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DJ Roomba

I love Parks and Recreation. The characters are always sharp and the actors are allowed creativity liberty.

Aziz Ansari’s character, Tom, is the second funniest character on the show. 112 more words

A Belated Book Review: Paddle Your Own Canoe

When I watch ‘Parks and Rec’, I think this guy needs to write a book every time Ron Swanson speaks.  Preferably an autobiography or a series of personal-philosophy essays.   481 more words


We're The Millers

I absolutely hate myself for having watched this. I did it because i loved Sudeikis on SNL and it has Aniston in it. It wasn’t enough. 96 more words

Review: The Lego Movie (2014)

As a children’s animation, and potentially the largest marketing campaign ever conducted, The Lego Movie is somehow thematically astounding and full of depth, but Hollywood’s unfortunate presence bleeds through the colourful, plasticky world, rarely bogging the blocky animation’s light-hearted and entertaining narrative. 658 more words