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The Books

The Books were an experimental pop duo who originated in New York around 1999. Described by principal songwriter Nick Zammuto as “collage music”, they are certainly just that: a conglomerate of literally hundreds of distinct influences from musical genres to instrumentation to cultural reverences and languages. 254 more words


Zammuto - "Anchor" - ALBUM REVIEW

Zammuto “Anchor”

Years down the line, when we look back at the crazy decade that was the 2000s, I think that one of the bands that will be cited as one of the most ambitious, important, and off-the-wall of those years will be The Books. 565 more words


Album Review:: Zammuto - 'Anchor'

Zammuto – ‘Anchor’

If you buy into the concept that innovative experimentalism that is made ostensibly for the sake of innovative experimentalism should be critically acclaimed precisely for the fact that it is innovative experimentalism despite the fact that the artist’s quest to be assessed as an innovative experimentalist has rendered their music almost unlistenable then you are… 601 more words