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Fitness kit I've reviewed this week: Smart Recovery bedding from The Fine Bedding Co

I love napping. And sleeping. And bedtime. Never more so than during bodybuilding prep when, frankly, the days just seem a little bit too long. (The rather trying extra bit seems to be between 3pm-6pm. 815 more words

Nicola Joyce

Why does winning matter, anyway?

I’m in a philosophical mood this morning. Chatting with a friend about my goals in this sport (happy to share them: WNBF Pro), and sharing photos of current female WNBF Pros who inspire me, I realised that I’ve set myself a really very difficult challenge. 384 more words

Nicola Joyce

You know you're a dieting bodybuilder when....

My 2014 contest prep marches on, and the diet has started to kick in.

You know you’re a dieting bodybuilder when…
(feel free to fill in the blank with your own funniest, strangest or most melodramatic and self-indulgent story!) 363 more words

Nicola Joyce

What to expect during body building prep (it's not what you think)

I wanted to post about all those little things you should expect when you embark on competition “prep” for a bodybuilding contest.

No, no… not about dieting, training, emotions or any of that stuff. 927 more words

Nicola Joyce

Easy ways to generate content for your business blog

Do you struggle to find things to blog about? If you’re a sole trader, owner/manager, or the person responsible for marketing, chances are you have a business blog (if you don’t… start one!) 923 more words

Nicola Joyce

Fitness Writers at FitPro Live 2014

Thanks to membership organisation The Fitness Writers’ Association (please note the impeccable use of apostrophe!), I got a VIP pass to FitPro Live, and popped along on Friday. 951 more words

Nicola Joyce

Macros and the bigger picture

I’ve got a story to tell you this evening.

The other day, I was on a long walk with my dog. We were pretty much in the middle of nowhere (well, as far as the Kent Downs allow) and the only souls in sight. 365 more words

Nicola Joyce