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The First Piece of the Continuum

I’d like to reflect the continuum of my practice, so the digital pieces on linen canvas are at the end of the continuum as responses to the textile sites I uncovered. 305 more words

Masters Final Project

Digital Dérive Art Idea

The Radicant, The Journey-Form (2): Topology chapter:

The journey has become an art form in its own right partly because of globalisation, the democratisation of tourism and travel, and the emergence of the computer screen in everyday life, especially with the internet (web surfing and hypertext links) – “the web has produced specific practices that affect our modes of thought and representation” and is characterised by “the simultaneous presence of heterogeneous surfaces, which the user links by charting a course or by random exploration” either searching purposefully or surfing (like flânerie or a dérive). 234 more words

Masters Final Project

Colour Specimens: Altermodern Idea

I’ve been inspired by the role archaeology plays in contemporary art, as noted by Nicolas Bourriaud in a lecture entitled The problematic of time in contemporary art. 268 more words

Colour Specimens

Tutorial With Rowan

The focus of and the most crucial thing in the Final Major Project is that I create a route map through Altermodernism and Psychogeography.

My position seems to be at the intersection and the interrelation between local and global, regionalism and globalism, the Altermodern and Psychogeographic. 96 more words


Tutorial With Bob

My work as interacting with the community was brought up which makes me wonder about reading Bourriaud’s Relational Aesthetics.

We’re part of a global village which can be a good thing but who is looking after our bit? 256 more words

Masters Final Project

Aspects of Altermodernism That Can Be Drawn Into My Practice

Three things: Heterochronia, Travel and Archives.

To me there’s two threads of British contemporary life: Altermodernism refers the reality of contemporary life found online and with air travel, but there’s also a growing Regionalist and Localist sentiment in Britain. 361 more words


Summary of Altermodernism's Concepts

These notes are on the information provided by the Tate’s page: http://www2.tate.org.uk/altermodern/explore.shtm and videos which are under the ‘Curator’s film’ tab but don’t work which can however be found here: … 666 more words

Masters Final Project