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This Is The New Best Way to Quit Smoking, Study Finds

Quitting smoking can be a frustrating challenge, and no single therapy works dramatically well. Nicotine replacement strategies – the patch, gum or lozenges—can help wean smokers off nicotine gradually, but… 412 more words

Researchers: Nicotine 'Can Initiate A Cancer State'

BLACKSBURG, Va. (CBS DC) – Researchers have discovered that products like the nicotine patch, may actually do more harm than good.

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute researchers found that using nicotine-infused smoking cessation products may not be the safest way to help people addicted to smoking quit the habit. 183 more words


Collection of Thoughts, Tobacco-Free Edition

1) Started my first month’s free subscription to  Netflix today.  I don’t have cable and I like movies.  There are a lot of movies I would like to have seen, but DSB was not interested in much what I was.   410 more words


Fed Up

I’m done.  All the hacking, the shortness of breath (with any slight movement, even with just sitting), the money gone down the toilet, the h0rrible smell.   322 more words

Turning Over That Damn Leaf

Quitting is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Quitting nicotine is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Even after hearing so many recovering nicotine addicts’ stories and them saying the same thing, ‘quitting nicotine is the hardest thing I have ever done,’ I would always roll my eyes and think, ‘it can’t be that hard,’ until I myself dipped my hands into the world of tobacco and became an uncontrollable addict. 1,549 more words

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