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Spring Break?

It’s weird being in the second half of my time here. We’re on the downward slope, and I don’t like it. I love what I’ve seen of Latin America; I already want to come back. 1,548 more words

Comforting(?) to Know the Answer

Observing  Nicoya’s health deteriorate for months that eventually led to his death, without finding any answers was most difficult-heart and gut wrenching.  Watching the same deterioration of Winnie’s hind legs is frustrating and harder knowing I still don’t have any answers or reasons for her decline.   606 more words


Protective Blue Zones On Planet Earth

There are niches among the population of the world that seem immune from the ravages of an aging body. Even though some have wrinkles to prove their 100 revolutions around the sun, their flexibility and mind/body vitality is astonishing! 617 more words


non-fatal mistakes I make...

august 2013. san juan del sur, nicarauga

I have figured out why I am able to travel alone so easily. It’s because I don’t mind waiting for or being in a bus. 1,823 more words

Hallway of Torture: Costa Rican Riteve

Day 1… part 1

Pulling in behind the jalopy ahead of me my Pathfinder makes the far end of large “U,” which feeds into the garage doorway of a long building baking in the Costa Rican oven. 1,736 more words