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Montessori Morning Routine

Ready to begin my day!

A successful morning requires a routine. I walk to my classroom, hang up my backpack, and take off my shoes one at a time, with little adult intervention. 44 more words


60th Day of 100 Happy Days in a row

60th Day of “100 Happy Days in a row”

Continuando sul tema “nidi”, eccone uno davvero interessante.

Keeping talking about “nests”, here’s a really interesting one.

100 Happy Days In A Row

Un nido sopra il nido

I N T R E C C I A R E    E’   U N    P O’   C O M E    C O S T R U I R E   U N   P I C C O L O   N I D O… 433 more words


Thatcher Thursdays: Nido Spitalfields, London

I could not possibly go on with this blog without raving about my old home in London. This place is a gem (quite literally, when the sun shines) in the heart of the city (alright, the east side of the heart of the city).  342 more words


i will move along

Yah so I’m breaking up with the bf tonight probably. Over the phone. Talked about it briefly with my bros on monday and they seemed to think it was better to not do it here where he might get more upset cuz like … just spent a nice weekend and suddenly 180 on me?? 671 more words

what makes me happy

i got in bed just past 9:30 and waited for him to call but ended up waiting like two hours. I think i even decided i’d sleep a bit while i waited. 1,654 more words

it could happen to you

After three days of unresponsiveness nido finally started talking to me, though it wasn’t much besides a promise of “we have to talk” and “Hey, look. 497 more words