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Hey Nielsen: If TV audience measurement ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it (VentureBeat)

Don’t you hate watching someone work on a ‘solution’ to fix a problem that has already been solved? This is what’s currently happening in the digital media space for…

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America's relationship with orange juice continues to sour

The slow demise of one of America’s most beloved breakfast items continues.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that US orange juice sales are at a record low. 264 more words

Social TV

As I’ve seen through tweet’s and blog posts from other students in BCM240, most people’s media space involves at least two devices at one time. Audience interaction is an essential tool in encouraging the modern-day audience to connect with their (often) second screen – the TV. 527 more words



A few months ago a tragedy occurred. NBC decided to axe the television series Community leaving us with a mere five seasons, rather than the #sixseasonsandamovie we had been banking on for the past few years. 857 more words

Peoplemeter Is Swinging The Axe

Have you ever gone to watch the latest television series you’ve invested your life into for the past 4 episodes only to find it has been cancelled? 318 more words


Every Flick, Click and Tune..... WE ARE WATCHING YOU!

It scary to think, But we are constantly watched and monitored in our everyday lives.

What we choose to watch on TV, What we click on the Internet to what radio station we tune into etc. 266 more words

Can’t Beat the Big Screen for Streaming

The most important factor for consumers purchasing a new TV or video device is the ability for it to connect to the Internet and stream content, and Smart TVs were their primary choice, according to a recent Council For Research Excellence study. 71 more words

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