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Where Are The Kids?

Suppose you produce something that is widely consumed.

One day you notice that your customer base is getting older in composition. “Duh,” you’re saying – people age. 296 more words

What's Going On

Twitter Is A Hit With Movie Fans

Brands looking to tap into a highly engaged social audience don’t need to look any further than the local movie theater.

NCM partner Twitter just released the results of a new survey highlighting the fact that not only are Twitter users more frequent moviegoers, but they are also more likely to catch a movie when it first opens when compared to the general public. 366 more words

Ad Industry

Survey Finds Twitter Fills Movie Theater Seats

There’s a reason there’s so much chatter from Hollywood about Twitter: it sells tickets.

According to a new study by Nielsen, 87% of Twitter users said their most recent decision to see a film in the theater was influenced by tweets. 266 more words


Talk Radio's Disaster - Let's Fix This. Who's In?

I now know people are worried about the future of talk radio.  The two blogs I wrote (Ratings Disaster) (Why Nothing Changes… 775 more words


Nielsen Report: Who is the Electronic Music Listener?

Global information and measurement company Nielsen has analysed the demographics of the EDM consumer base and discovered the unknown – that the average electronic music listener is a White frat boy. 105 more words


Talk Radio's Ratings Disaster - Why Nothing Changes

I guess I hit close to home with my prior blog post on the Ratings Disaster that is today’s talk radio. The June PPM’s suck for talk radio.   1,010 more words


Nielsen Partners Up With Facebook to Track Television-Viewing Habits

Correction appended 5:03pm ET

Nielsen, the television-ratings company, will be partnering with Facebook to ascertain what television viewers are watching on their tablets and other mobile devices. 255 more words