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Hilarious Video: Negro Gangsta Dances to Rap in the Street, Gets Hit by ICE CREAM TRUCK

Ma nigga, youz gotz to beez mo careful!

This is an older video with over 7,000 comments and four million views.

#Ebola and Nig-Bama

So, let’s talk about Ebola, it’s a terrible disease and that has a very specific cause…Africans.  However, due to the liberal pussies in Washington who want you to believe that all people in the world who happen to be black are the same as our “underprivileged” niggers in the US, our borders still remain open to people coming back from Africa.   870 more words

Nigger Epidemic

"Nigger Justice" The Vile Niggers Are Up to it Again

Today I saw an article about Cardinals fans “clashing” with a bunch of niggers who were protesting outside the game…for whatever reason.  The whole clash comes down to this, the entire nigger race is allowed to support one of their own, whether it be a nigger thug like Treyvon Martin or a nigger thug like Michael Brown.   457 more words

Nigger Epidemic

An Open Letter to Michelle Nig-bama

Dear Michelle,

First I’d like to congratulate you, you’ve managed to live nigger rich off the American tax payer’s dollar for the last six years during a time when the rest of the country has faced a financial crisis.   686 more words