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Niggerology 101: My mockery of a stupid cunt

This retard claimed that systemic discrimination against white people does not exist so I decided to make a video mocking her. As far as I am concerned this chick deserves nothing but to be ignored and ridiculed. 59 more words

Walk a Mile in Another Man's Shoes, Empathy, Conscientiousness and All That Good Stuff

Walk a Mile in Another Man’s Shoes, Empathy, Conscientiousness and All That Good Stuff
M.D. Wright

* – I must preface this particular entry by stating that there are no “absolutes” in my vocabulary, such as “all”, “never”, “always” and so forth. 3,263 more words

Michael D. Wright

Belligerent Man Terrorizes Beachgoers as Sheriff's Deputies Look Passively On

“F**k you! And f**k you, too!”

The first expletive was hurled at six deputies of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. The second one was aimed at me as I stood within spitting distance of the seemingly drunk and possibly crazy man at Topanga Beach in Malibu this past Friday, June 20. 489 more words

*introducing ONE LINE SOLUTIONS* feeling empty and pointless


if you accept the notion of evolution, it imposes a peculiar simplicity on our life.

we live to protect and pass over our genes… 47 more words