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NYPD Reform

So it’s been a minute since the police officer who choked out Eric Garner was let not sentenced, and I just wanted to step in and discuss this from a different perspective.   380 more words

Nigger Problems

Eric Garner is a Nigger

First off, I’m not going to say that the police were in the right here.  I’m not going to say that they’re in the wrong here either.   528 more words

Nigger Problems

Hands Up Don't Shoot!

Hands up no food stamps!

Hands up no job!

Hands up no GED!

Hands up no life skills other than stealing and being a stupid nigger. 145 more words


Niggers 'chimp out' for the right to steal in Ferguson MO

OK I said it Nigger. Nigger, Nigger, Nigger… That’s what they want to call them selves, but if anyone else says it they are racist or prejudiced, even other blacks. 391 more words


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An Australian blogger explains why anyone of any race can be a "nigger," as the word expresses a value system rather than a purely racial designation. Blogger Occupy Melbourne also offers a short, logical take on the shooting death of Michael Brown and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. Check out his blog. There's some fine content there that is at odds with our politically correct world. *Note: I've censored the title from the post at Occupy Melbourne, replacing the "i" with a "*" as is my usual policy with taboo words. However, the word is uncensored in his post.

NYC Nigger Shot by Police

I’ve been hearing about a shooting at the Louis Pink Houses in East New York.  This is, of course, a public housing facility and is as crime ridden and the part of town it is in.   559 more words

Nigger Problems