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Sunset Silhouette

“Fiona grab your camera and get in the car! The sunĀ is settingĀ as we speak!” -Allison. Never before have I been more glad she made me get up and go outside in the middle of November for a picture.


In The Dark

We lay facing each other in the dark. We couldn’t see each other at all and we weren’t touching but we were comforted by the blanket of darkness and each other. 125 more words


January 26th : My mum is awesome.

As my alarm went off at 6.20am my pup Diego was dragging himself back to bed, which was kind of a shock. Turns out he was up half the night partying and mum (gods bless her!) looked after him instead of waking me up to. 98 more words


A fading summer sky

Chittering of swifts:
I stand in dry summer grasses
And watch the setting sun.
I stand alone,
Listening to the fading sky
I look…and smile 6 more words


Nights Like These

You smiled at me as if you had just been kissed. It was like you were standing there waiting for me to take a picture of you, but I didn’t have a camera. 135 more words