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Nighttime: Dia de los Muertos

This week’s photo theme for WordPress was “Nighttime,” but it was too hard to pick one of the many night scenes I was considering, so instead I chose a series of shots from last year’s Dia de los Muertos in Patzcuaro.  54 more words

Judy Dykstra-Brown

The Entertainer

We break our bones to entertain you.
We smile through tears.
Cake our faces.
Pile on the mascara.
The wigs.
That heels.
The lines on our faces erased. 59 more words



It is a game.
This is a game.
Not real.
Not truth.
You are a mirror.
I am a ghost.
We are but shadows.
Or the wind that kicks. 19 more words


And so It ends....

The illusive you.
You the one that had taken my cold heart
In the night.
In the darkness only emptiness remains as I wonder. 42 more words



I can’t help it in the darkest of the night.
I can’t help but to feel your voice.
It’s like rich velvet that covers over me. 86 more words


Tanka: Vastness of the night

Eerie dark blue sky
strangely comforting almost
the beauty of the stars
beauty known only by those
who gaze into it's vastness