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Police-officer's handgun in the car on the way to the night-club

Off-duty police officers in Brazil are allowed to carry concealed firearms into nightclubs, even if they’re drinking. Most of the time they get free entry, too, the deal being they will help out should there be any trouble.


Red Room

Bronn speeded along a highway as he contemplated what he was about to do. Would he be furious? relieved? annoyed? protective? After all he had no exact lead except for his instincts and intuition. 1,904 more words

Evelyne Koh

Of Course There Are Dance Parties For Kids At NYC Nightclubs

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about standing in really long lines to get into a place filled with blaring music and people packed so tightly your ribs felt like they’d never be whole again. 243 more words


It was a great 168 hours spent with friends from back home on a cruise ship called the Getaway. The ship is a home to many staff members and a temporary home for many to enjoy. 2,499 more words

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Night Clubs

Club Drugs Today Are Very Strong And Bad For You

New designer drugs that are making its way into the clubs today are finding a home with the younger people. Many of these new designer drugs some of which are man-made and highly illegal. 363 more words


The Spectacular LAVO Nightclub

LAVO Nightclub – A Dream Made In Vegas

The LAVO Nightclub is the right place to check out if in your case you are on the lookout for a nightclub with a deep Italian taste. 596 more words

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