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Driving at night? Why not. Just crank up the music, please.

Roadtrips mean driving out and around, literally, and even more – since you are visiting interesting places during the day, most of the driving is done at night ( in my and my friends case ). 156 more words

Daily Rambles


This post is particularly meant to be a small guide to night driving in Kerala, where the national highways are devoid of streetlights for major parts, roads are filled with potholes and you may even find speed breakers in the middle of a national highway. 700 more words



So, I’m going to venture off topic a bit today and discuss something less moving related, and a little more life related. Well, moving is a part of life, so I guess I should say move on to a topic that is relevant to more than just the 0.000000001% of the world’s population that lives either in Jacksonville or Germantown. 1,147 more words


Safe Driving Tips for the Nighttime

Driving at night is always a challenge. Speeding down the road with only a little bit of light in front of you can be nerve-wracking. Add in cars coming at you with their lights on, some bad weather and maybe an animal jumping into the road and it can be enough to keep you at home. 290 more words


See you on the Wangan.

Although I don’t do it as often anymore, I used to frequent my local arcade with a friend of mine.

He was starting to get addicted to rhythm based games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Beatmania, and as for me, I was just there to wander around and try to be interested in something to play. 768 more words