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Another glaring oasis in an endlessly straight darkness of petroleum camps.


Out After Dark

Night Driving

With the passing of Daylight Savings and shorter days, it’s getting dark earlier. This makes the drive home each night a little more difficult. 102 more words

Back Seat Driver

Keep the Light On - Driving Tips at Night

Driving is a key to independence – no matter your age! However, driving at night presents challenges as we grow older due to a decrease in contrast, sensitivity, depth perception and color perception in lower light conditions. 322 more words

Well In Your 60s+

That pesky night glare...

A complaint that is becoming more common in my practice is trouble with night glare. Especially with the newer headlights (you know, the ones with the blue tint that seem 10 times brighter when they’re coming at you?), things seem to be worse. 222 more words

Driving at night? Why not. Just crank up the music, please.

Roadtrips mean driving out and around, literally, and even more – since you are visiting interesting places during the day, most of the driving is done at night ( in my and my friends case ). 156 more words

Daily Rambles


This post is particularly meant to be a small guide to night driving in Kerala, where the national highways are devoid of streetlights for major parts, roads are filled with potholes and you may even find speed breakers in the middle of a national highway. 700 more words