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Night markets have been in existence in Asia for hundreds of years. Those of times gone by were surely nothing like the popular ones now found worldwide. 271 more words


Wefenpu Night Market

This was on the list of top night markets to visit in Taipei. As we entered the market, Deborah and I kept saying how much it reminded us of Dongdaemun. 53 more words


Loving It 11.8.14

I may be sleep-deprived but this video cracks me up! A husband animates a joke told by his drunk wife:

“Two Chips” / An Animated Short… 371 more words

Loving It

Shilin Night Market

After our big adventure/taxi tour we decided to check out Shilin Night Market. We were also getting a bit tired and hungry and perhaps did not spend as much time there as we would have liked but we got the just of it. 152 more words


The Taiwanese ExperienceπŸ‘Ί

There is an ongoing debate about whether Taiwan is part of China or it’s it own country, well, my blog isn’t about politics so I will just categorize it under both✌️. 153 more words

Charming China

The Malaysian Experience ✌️

We Β were now traveling from Singapore to Malaysia via the luxury bus which took a few hours to get to the destination (I am not sure if we traveled to Melaka or Kuala Lampur from Singapore). 390 more words

Night Markets

Snake Alley, the night market edition

Yeah, don’t bother during the day because most of it’s closed. The point of a night market is to see it in all it’s lively colours and smells, at night. 175 more words