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Schlocktoberfest IV: Haiku Reviews

Last year, I wrote a series of horror movie haikus that shed new light on classic villains. Not thinking of anything better to do before Schlocktoberfest IV kicks off today, let’s continue that noble tradition: 83 more words


The Rule of Three

When the zombie apocalypse occurs you can be sure that you will have to worry about more than just zombies. This is problematic because roving hordes of zombies tend to be difficult to deal with in and of themselves. 707 more words


Night of the Living Dead at the Maverick Theater

Looking for scary fun as Halloween fast approaches?

October 3 – November 1, 2014

The zombie classic that started it all, and one of the scariest movies of all time. 51 more words


Mid Life Cry Sees

Facebook was sucking the life out of me.  It’s for people who want to click and fight or click and save a dead baby but never really have to be accountable for anything.   751 more words

Resident Evil 4 (Wii/GC/PS2): Cottage Siege

The setup: you’ve just rescued Ashley, the president’s underwater squirrel sidekick…er- the president’s claymation 10-year-old Christian… hmmm, the president’s daughter, OK, that’s the one. It’s very dark and very raining; you’re en route to the rendezvous point where you may or may not be rescued; you’re just getting used to handling Ashley, and then, as you cross a bridge, a cutscene shows about a million villagers approaching from behind. 889 more words

Playstation 2

They're All Gonna Laugh At Yinz: Pittsburgh Does Halloween 2014

When it comes to horror, Pittsburgh has quite a reputation to uphold. That’s why the unofficial Zombie Capital of the World goes the extra mile in October with tons of truly terrifying movie-related events. 433 more words

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