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I was watching Night of the Living Dead this morning while trying to do some exercise. I fell asleep on my yoga mat again. Right when Barbara was yelling, “We have to go get Johnny!” I think I woke up.

Scare-A-Con: The Northeast's Premier Horror & Pop Culture Fan Convention!!!

Greetings readers! Today I bring you more news of upcoming Halloween and horror related conventions in your area.  This particular convention is titled: Scare-A-Con Horror & Pop Culture Fan Convention… 300 more words


We Eat Brains: The Top 10 Zombie Movies

Written by: Greg McCabe

When it comes to apocalyptic scenarios, I personally don’t think it gets much scarier than zombies. Is there anything more terrifying than the idea of the world’s demise coming from of a plague that turns everyone into mindless, cannibalistic killers?

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Review - Birth of the Living Dead and Doc of the Dead

Netflix Instant is streaming two documentaries focused on zombies. The first is Birth of the Living Dead, a documentary all about the making and significance of George Romaro’s… 735 more words


Musing: Why Are Zombies Fun?

I had an interesting discussion a couple of days ago with a fellow Walking Dead fan and some people who don’t watch it. The chief question: are stories about flesh-eating zombies and the people trying to survive them fun?  318 more words


A small, short BiTe to eat

I have enjoyed zombie and epidemic movies for a long time now. Somehow over the last year or so, I felt like I had seen all the good films out there, so I went back to history thinking about the first types of zombie movies I had seen. 338 more words

Classic Horror Movies

By Sam Bryer

I’ve watched  many horror movies during my lifetime and when it comes to the numerous new movies that have been released, I’ve come to the conclusion that the classic horror movies win hands down. 319 more words