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Zombie Love !!! ( Let's Dance)


Dance of the Zombies

 By: Bobbie Jones


My dear readers, it is that time of year again – a time when things go bump in the night, and things are not what they seem and even… 652 more words

EW's Horror Quintessentials: The 5 best zombie movies

With Halloween fast approaching, EW is picking the five best films in a variety of different horror movie categories. Each day, we’ll post our top picks from one specific group—say, vampire movies or slasher flicks—and give you the chance to vote on which is your favorite. 787 more words


Episode 2.15 – October 20, 2014 – an Interview with Director Christopher Bond

What’s that you say? Halloween is approaching and The Worst Show on the Web hasn’t done anything about it? Well be prepared to eat your words with a side of crow, because this week’s guest is Theater Director Christopher Bond! 189 more words


Doug's Movie Review

So it was voted that I review the Iconic 1968 film “Night of the Living Dead” By George Romero. I am going to assume that you, my faithful followers, have seen it at least once and not bore you with the basis and plot summary. 414 more words

"B" Movie Reviews

George Romero's son crowdsourcing 'Night of the Living Dead' prequel

We know what happened after the events depicted in George Romero’s classic 1968 zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead, thanks to the director’s string of sequels, including 1978’s… 228 more words


Heapers Creepers Double Feature: Night of the Living Dead

When taking on a project like Purging the Heap with friends, some overlap is bound to happen. In this case, both Dylan and myself happened to have Night of the Living Dead on our list of horror items, and we both decided to go through them for the month of October. 2,231 more words


10 Cool Movies to Watch for Horror Movie Night

It’s getting close to Halloween and if you’re not going to a party where everyone is dressed in slutty costumes, then you probably just want to stay home and watch scary movies. 627 more words