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Movie of the Week: Night of the Living Dead (1968)

What can be said about this masterpiece of cinema that hasn’t been said before? Not much, so just watch it and smile knowing that zombies aren’t real. Probably. Maybe. We hope.



喪屍[1]電影(zombie films)在恐怖片大系裡自成類型,是始於有「喪屍之父」之稱的George A. Romero於1968年拍下他的首部喪屍作品《活死人之夜》(Night of the Living Dead),稍有涉獵者大概都不會陌生。作為喪屍電影永遠的經典,該片確立了喪屍物種的基本特徵,也開創出喪屍末日(zombie apocalypse)這一獨特時空。這兩點,無論是喪屍的去人性化,抑或喪屍末日與原世界的斷裂,都帶有強烈的酷異性/酷兒特質(queerness)。本系列從喪屍電影的酷異性入手,藉由酷兒論述的引入,以圖發展出閱讀喪屍電影的另類方法。喪屍電影既可以被劃分為恐怖片的類型之一,也可以被置於性別的框架底下,開闢更多有趣的可能。首篇文章率先把經典《活死人之夜》及其1990年的同名改編讀為性別文本,分析前者的毀家如何促成後者的女權意識,此一性別元素又如何影響後世的喪屍電影。 230 more words


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Birth of the Living Dead (2013)

8.5 out of 10 stars

MPAA Rating: NR

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Family Friendliness: good for families with children over 13. There is lots of gore, a few scary scenes and one scene of a nude female from behind. 470 more words