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Clutch Essentials

Mints – When chatting at the bar or an awkwardly small table, personal-space-violations are inevitable, and fresh breath just becomes common courtesy.

Small brush – 368 more words


Last night...

Even though I was still sick I had this urge to go to an AA meeting. It was very strange, for some reason, I felt like something good would happen if I went. 193 more words

What's worse, the pain or the hangover?

Peer pressure.

I wonder what feelings you associate with this cliché.

Do you remember the wild drunken haze of a night out, standing on a street corner at 3am with nothing but a burger from Broomhill Friery and a fat lip to keep you company and wondering how it all got to this. 202 more words


Godly Relationships by Tara Randel

Last night I attended a Girls Night Out at our local hospital. It was a wonderful community event that included vendors spotlighting their products, samples from local restaurants (YUM) and information about doctors and services available at the hospital. 444 more words

Tara Randel

Hangovers in Edinburgh vs. Exeter

I’m always up for a good night out, whether it’s at uni in Exeter or when I’m home during in Edinburgh. However there is always a part of me when I go out in Edinburgh that knows I’ll regret it the next day, when I’m lying in bed too hungover to move. 217 more words

University Life

Neon: Asian Street Food

It’s Tuesday Evening and I’m gathering with old friends I met when I arrive to Dublin. After more than a year and a half, we all are very into new jobs and life situations so we barely find the time to meet all together… but today we made it! 362 more words