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Fellow Munchkineers,

This was an incredibly fun Munchkin Tournament tonight, and to top it off, we actually did have the gym free and were fortunate to be able to accommodate a lot of unexpected drop-ins tonight.  191 more words

Night Out

Passing through the void

Dear x,

Originally I wasn’t planning on doing this post more because when it comes to these things I only really trust certain people to actually give specific detail. 734 more words

My Life

Evening shorts

It’s always tricky when you’re going out on a night out with your friends whether you’re hitting the dance floor or going for a few drinks to find an outfit that isn’t a dress or skirt… 111 more words


Why do guys like sexy British MILF's

The reason MILFs are sexually desirable has little and perhaps nothing to do with a man’s feelings for his own mother. In fact, it probably has relatively little to do with the fact that she’s a mother at all. 53 more words

Mid-Autumn Festival

Was so humid and hot… Nothing like Autumn! But was great fun. :)

Out And About


SATURDAY…and I am lost. I had the event I talked about before and it was amazing. By 12 AM 179 people enetered the night club which was incredible because usally only like 50 people by 12 AM. 238 more words