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Imagined Conversations Vol. 1

…”You know my feelings on our family, I’m sick of being treated as a small child – I am adult!

“You need to relax, you know you are in a very lucky position being able to live at home still, sure dad may stick his oar in where it sometimes doesn’t require, but just put up with it for the minute”. 213 more words


January 2015

January 2015! Here we go…another year older and another year wiser


Back in the saddle

I’ve been away for a while….just really no time for all this fun stuff. All kinds of earth shattering things going on around here


long exposure photography

I’ve been wanting to try one of these captures for a long time now and I don’t know why I haven’t to be honest, the bridge where I took these photos from is only round the corner from where I live.  126 more words


Moon over Shepherds Bush

A dark night outside our window. The frame is dominated by the silhouettes of neighbourhood trees and an aerial on a rooftop. But the slender crescent of the moon with its delicate luminescence takes centre stage, poised in a dark blue sky.

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