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Seattle Street

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Took this just a little over a year ago one night while in Seattle. It’s a little side street on the waterfront where there’s a staircase/elevator that leads up to the next street…found it interesting (and still do)! 36 more words


Night walks & clouds

Night walks & clouds
There’s a storm blowing in the air is thick like rain
I can smell it and welcome the cooler weather, if just for a moment! 7 more words


Moon it's me again~this one thing I ask. . .maybe two

Moon it’s me again
this one thing I ask
shine down on those
I love and when
they look up
can you turn up
your brightness… 22 more words

My Thoughts

Winding down

It was sprinkling a lot. I was tired as hell. Also starving. Not to mention, really thirsty… But seriously, you think that’ll ever stop me? 10 more words

Different in the Dark

At night, from the 30th floor, the beach sure looks different. I missed the lightening but the post-storm crashing waves put on a powerful show.

Exploring Florida

10 Reasons to Wed at the High Star

A few years back I did a post on the top 5 reasons why I loved this wedding, and it was at the High Star so I’m going back to making lists and bumping it up to 10 new reasons why I loved this wedding ~ at the High Star: 344 more words