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Summer Night

Late summer night and a pleasant evening mood. When the night comes slowly and the lantern lights will shine. Two late summer impressions I have taken around the white town hall in Hamburg, Altona. 41 more words


Calm before the Storm

Decided to go downtown Friday evening to shoot for a little bit before the rain storms rolled in; these are my favorites from that night.



Moving Lights

Ventured out this evening downtown to see what shots I could get. To say the least, I’m very pleased with what I got.




Dockland At Night

Einer meiner Lieblingsplätze auf der Nördlichen Seite der Elbe ist das Docklandgebäude im Hafengebiet. Dieses Mal besuchte ich das Gebäude in den späten Abendstunden wo man gut die Nachtbeleuchtung sehen kann. 57 more words


Giant Rubber Ducky at night

I dragged a hapless, sick Pedro late Saturday night to see the Giant Rubber Ducky one last time before it left LA the following morning. It was a tedious drive and we ended up lost in some kind of spooky, industrial shipping area where we, surprisingly enough, ran into a wedding of all places. 102 more words

Israel's Secret Weapon

When I was recently in Israel, we stayed at a hotel on the beach in Tel Aviv.  Today’s photo was taken from the balcony of my hotel room the first night we were there as the sun was going down in the west (to the left of the picture) over the Mediterranean. 951 more words