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Delirious thoughts while having the flu

  1. When you show up to the ER with a fever of 104.6, every part of your body aching, shaking from being so cold while simultaneously feeling so hot you think your eyeballs are melting…it is not helpful for the staff to shame you when they find out you didn’t get a flu shot.
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Well So far....

For the past 3 days i’ve been feeling really really good. I almost feel like i how i use to. Now, I know that Paxil can take up to 6 weeks to fully take effect. 256 more words


5 Pissy Problems of Perimenopause

#1  I don’t want a period, period.

Last July I had a period, short and forgettable. September I had another. Then, blissfully nothing. I was delighted to be done, done, done. 1,061 more words


The real reason why i'm starting this blog

  • A year a go or so, I went through a period of time where I was fainting and getting bad dizzy spells.
  • I was put on levothyroxin after my partial thyroidectomy.
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Night Sweats

Woke at 1am in a cold sweat. Literally wet from sweat, over heating & yet skin burning from the cold air. I threw the covers back & forth a few times. 683 more words

Dream #18: If its Brown....


My good friend Ed and I had just returned to his house from a swanky dinner party. When we got inside the house the entire decor seemed to have been redone with this 70’s, tacky, long, brown, shag carpet and faux wood laminate paneling on the walls and he had this old style big screen TV hoisted up on top of this entertainment center that was meant to hold a smaller TV within its doors. 828 more words


Tips on Staying Healthy During Winter

According to Chinese medical theory, to remain in good health, we need to live in harmony with nature. A big part of this is tuning ourselves into seasonal changes. 685 more words