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Greetings from the fog

My husband came home yesterday from work and saw me sprawled out on the couch.

“Oh no!” he exclaimed, and rushed over to me. He knows the drill so well. 409 more words


A Cacophony of Birds (not for the squeamish)

That’s what it sounds like at 4.10am, cycling through the near-deserted streets of London. So many birds, singing at the top of their lungs. There was the odd taxi, some police cars and a few lorries making deliveries; a man in high-vis jet-washing the area outside the train station and occasional drunks staggering about, but mostly it was-for central London-very quiet. 916 more words

The Changeling

Alright, boys and men, I’ll have to ask that you cover your eyes and ears for this post.  I do NOT think you’re going to enjoy it.   541 more words

She said, "If this works (not eating these gluten free foods)...count me in"!

So I am having a conversation with her and she says, “If this works (actually not eating gluten foods) …then count me in”! This is because almost a week after she started she has had NO night sweats (and lost between 2.5-3 pounds as an unintended benefit) without even trying #glutenfree… 82 more words

Tuesday Night Fever.

It sounds like a shitty spin off movie but this situation is the least amount of fun. I must be the only person in the world who has 10 year generally fucking aged throat medicine.

Night Sweats

Can I Just Say? #2

I want to talk for a second about chain reactions. When an antidepressant gives you a racing heart, that’s not just about a racing heart. The racing heart makes it hard to take a deep breath, it makes you lightheaded and afraid to bend down to pick something up. 142 more words


Acupuncture Helpful for Many Cancer and Cancer Treatment Symptoms

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Acupuncture Shows Promise in Cancer Treatment
By: Acufinder Staff Writer

There have been many advances in the early detection and treatment of cancer. 476 more words